Play time!

 Look what the postman brought today . I am always late to catch onto stuff and I have seen them on various blogs and mostly thought - that looks messy.
It IS messy , but such fun.
Below are my very first attempts , with a brayer that is a tiny bit small and only three colours of acrylic paint - I do have more but a lot is dried up and these were the first that hadn't- Gold, white and turquoise. I used a prima mask , and some feather die cuts that were already left on m y desk from yesterday. 

 Not sure yet what I shall do with them. They are a starting point, a base layer for stamping on or cutting up.
 I will show you them when they are "something."

 I still havent had a proper "go" at art journalling so this may help me get started.

Back soon x

Soojay xx


  1. Considering you only used these colours because they were the first you found that weren't dry, they look fabulous together. The results of your first 'play' are beautiful.
    Toni xx

  2. You've got some good backgrounds there. I've only used my gelli plate once and it really is fun. I'm going to get it out again. You can use all sorts of every day things on it. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Barbxx

  3. Ooh...I'm so jealous lol. I've actually got all the ingredients to make my own plate but just haven't gotten around to trying it yet...perhaps if I get my arse in gear and buy a brayer it might spur me onto making the damned thing. The process seems to be very easy and you can make one that you need to keep in the fridge or, if you use alcohol, you can make a permanent one. I think I really need to give it a go before I decide if it's worth the expense of getting a 'real' one!
    I love the designs you've managed to achieve on your first play, Sue. I'm sure you'll end up cutting them up to use with your wonderful tags :). xx

  4. They look fab fabulous. I just struggle with turning stuff like this into anything so I am looking forward to seeing what you produce. x


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