Ohh the Shame - WOYWW 324

I am getting this post ready on Tuesday evening as I am hoping that the torrential rain has stopped by now ( Weds) and I am at the seaside for the day with a dear friend.
I have been creating (previous post and tomorrows) cards with my new stamps, from last week . Believe it or not , I haven't actually bought anything else since then. 
So, my desk - what a mess - I will tidy it up in a little while (or not!). I made some flowers from those lovely flower/die sets at heartfelt creations. This set is sun kissed Fleur and is the only set i own( so far ;) ). There are also some leafy die cuts - cut from a greeny print done on the gelliplate. Also lots of practise pieces.
Is yours any tidier?
 I found this on the Internet to make me feel better :D

To join in with the hop and make me feel bad , HERE is the link to the lovely Julia's blog .

I shall visit when I get back later .

Soojay xx


  1. Lol!! I couldn't live with that last workspace you showed...it would make me teeth itch! I've discovered that my inner OCD is getting worse as I age. I can't stand bits and pieces everywhere..it drives me to distraction :-)
    Hope you've had a lovely day out with your friend!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  2. That pic is enough to give any woyww palpitations. Thank goodness our desks are soooo much tidier. Love what you are doing with those flowers.
    sandra de @38

  3. If my craft room looked like that I would be lost forever! I'm not such a tidy crafter but when things get messy I lose things. I lost a die set last Christmas and it's never been found. It must have gone out with the trash! Glenda #37

  4. I love the pretty flowers and foliage - it's so nice playing with new stash.
    I almost feel ill looking at the picture of the messy workroom - I very rarely have anything out of place and get quite stressed if I have more than two or three things on my desk at once! I agree with Jan, the OCD has got worse as I've got older!!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #30

  5. Hi Soojay, tell me, are we supposed to aspire to that picture, or avoid it, lol? Love the flowers, gorgeous shape and colour. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  6. Oh love Heartfelt stamps and dies. Your desk looks fine. That is how I work too. But, that last one would have me running for the hills. I am not posting my desk this week. Too much to do. Just trying to make it around to others. Peg R

  7. That photo made me LOL! Actually made me feel a little better about my mess.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #25

  8. I ope you had a lovely day at the seaside, and the weather was good. Your flowers are very pretty.

  9. A messy desk is always good news. It means you are crafting and having fun. That desk on the other photo is just full. No fun at all.
    Thank you for visiting me earlier. I smiled about your expectations of the coconut milk. I can give you a nice recipe of a chicken curry that I use it for (if you like). The reason I have several cans lying about is that we can't get coconut milk here and once or twice a year Lidl do an oriental week and sell this stuff, so I stock up.
    Have a great week,

  10. Second post today with Heartfelt flowers (and I spent a couple of evenings looking at flower tutorials last week and considering getting dies and starting to practise :)
    Happy woyww, that lower pic is a good reason to be proud with a desk with stuff happening, it looks like nothing has happened in a long time!
    Kristiina #12

  11. I have seen lots of the Heartfelt flower dies and stamps and fancy them all, but so far not bought any as I am hoping for a BIG holiday next year, and maybe I can buy some there.
    unfortunately I could not see the second picture. I guess from the weather you didn't get to the seaside!!

  12. Ooh, flippin heck what a mess that room is. Love your Sunkissed Fleurs, there are lots of flowers you can make with that die that look a bit different. I am no expert but if you check my posts around Christmas time I did a workshop in America and am sure there were more than one sample for those.
    We are off to the Titanic again for a night but this time we are having a room with a walk in shower as well so that I can use it. I enjoyed the hotel, hope you do too if you go but must warn you that some folks think it tacky - I just like themed things.
    Hugs, Neet 22 xx

  13. oooh the flowers look gorgeous :)

    ~Stacy #52

  14. Hope you had a great day out..
    I think that room is a bit busy even for me, though I could probably almost match it with my "dining room".. thanks for stopping by. Helen 3

  15. Soojay those flowers and leaves are just fabulous! I love them and look forward to seeing you use them. As for the pic of the other room lol lol! Made me feel quite virtuous!

    Thank you for your lovely comment and your very sweet and encouraging words. Shaz and I have become good friends on our joint cancer journey and have been great mutual support throughout and it's been a real blessing. Yes, feeling really rough and pooped today but not distressed by it because I know I shall feel better next week. Just have to ride the tide and go with the flow! Only 3 more treatments to go and the time is flying by.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #32

  16. I'm good about putting away the major items on my desk after I work on an art project, but there always seem to be stuff left behind that doesn't have a specific storage area in my art studio. I love your comparison photo, because it certainly makes us feel better about our desks - LOL. Have a blessed week!

  17. I don't think your desk is that bad - looks so pretty. Although not quite as bad my dining room ( where I craft ) looked pretty awful last week. with all that had happened stuff just kept getting dumped in there. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x #27

  18. Oh boy Sue! at first I thought that was your desk Lol! What a great photo though, complete madness! Pleased you liked the organisation of my bird dies. I thought when I first got them out that there was no way I was going to keep fiddling with those little things. I have better things to do with my time Lol!
    Many thanks for the visit to mine sweetie. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23

  19. Hi Sue, loooove the flowers, they're beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful day at the beach and thanks for visiting Cheers RobynO#18

  20. Love the flowers but those leafy die cuts really caught my eye. Don't you love Heartfelt?! I still have some of their stamps and few dies after selling off most of them. Thanks for visiting. Nan G 46

  21. Omg that picture is just insane someone needs a skip brought to help them clear that up lol.
    Your desk has some really pretty handmade flowers on it they look fantastic and enjoy those dies hugs Nikki 11

  22. Happy WOYWW and thanks so much for already dropping by! Your flowers and leaves are soooo gorgeous! That is a great die set to own!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  23. Wow, I'm glad that wasn't your desk you showed, because I don't believe yours looks all that bad. I really like the flowers and leaves and they don't look like they made that big a mess. Have a great time at the beach because I'm also tired of rain.

    Thanks for the visit earlier and happy WOYWW from #2, because technically, it's still Tuesday in my world.

  24. What lovely flowers Sue.
    Love the photo you found of that desk - makes me feel that mine isn't quite so bad after all LOL.
    Toni xx

  25. Hi Sue. My desk is pretty empty but it is now covered with a layer of brick/plaster dust so today I really do need to get the dusters out just in case I have customers.....I'm sure the dust will settle at some point but it won't be any time soon :-)
    Annie x # 16

  26. MYOH... you cut tiny pieces... you must be a very patient woman to be able to do that! The photo you found makes me smile... I think my hubby is a bit 'messy' in his computer-workspace but it doesn't look nearly like this, pfew! Thanks for stopping at my blog earlier. Happy woyww and a hug from sunny Holland, Marit #35

  27. Sue, what beautiful flowers on your desk there, they are gorgeous and I'm glad you got your day at the seaside.
    Thanks for the nice comments on my page.
    Chris #30

  28. Well Sue as you've seen my desk you know it isn't much tidier at all... Love the fact a craft room means you can stop and come back.
    Adore those flowers and don't own any heartfelt creations as they are too dear Downunder and now our government is going to tax overseas purchases too, as well dollar dropping by .40c from what it was...glad I bought things when I did. :)
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  29. Our friends have left so I'm now doing the rounds.

    Your flowers are so pretty and I don't think your desk is too untidy, really. Glad to hear you're having so much fun with your new gelli plate. Barbxx

  30. Messy desks belong to creative people!All those little flowers are beautiful, Your flower stamp set is beautiful, I 'm sure you will build up a collection in no time! Thanks for visiting my blog, you mentioned how you would like to start a journal - all you need is an empty book, and the mindset that nothing is "bad" or "wrong", and just go for it! There are LOTS of journal videos on youtube, find someone you like and copy them for awhile! The journal you saw on my blog is Journal Number 13 - Number 1 is MUCH different! Thanks for visiting my page! Lindart #50

  31. Oh my! That last photo made me cringe and laugh. My cats would have a blast with all, knocking papers and piles everywhere. Since you have visited me already you do know that my desk is tidy. I was looking through some of my older WOYWW posts and I used to keep a much, much messier desk. Great flowers and greenery dies. I can see why you say "for now" about having only one. I'm sure that will change as they look like a lot of fun. Judy #50

  32. That's not a messy desk, just a busy one and as for the other picture OMG!

  33. I hope you got to the shore! I think those flowers are lovely, and thanks for sharing the other photo; I'm sure we all feel much better at how worse it could be! LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by, and if you need any retirement planning...I'll be happy to enable!
    -K #54

  34. heheheh we all LOVE seeing other people's messy craft rooms, sometimes I even show my husband, so I can say, "look, I'm not the only one with a messy room!". I always mean to be tidy, but it never works out, I'm the same in the kitchen - you can't be creative without making a mess :o) Have fun and make more mess I say! Annie C #48

  35. ooh this looks lovely and busy. REALLY like the greenery spray die, great detail.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  36. That photo you found is a hoot! But your desk truly doesn't look bad, just busy which makes for better view! Those flowers look so delicate! Thanks you for stopping by earlier. diane 44


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