A Mess !! My desk is a mess- i am currently flitting and working on several things at once- I ordered a journal ( and some dies/stamps ) from Elizabeth Crafts - Will show you next week.
Last night I was colouring in flowers and cutting them out for a project.
I joined Loads of craft clubs on Face book and there is SO much inspiration on there and live demos each day - I have to say that Tracey Evans is one of my favs- she is funny and i love her Northern accent.

 Result! I found a Rowendean kit from years ago and have been sewing again ( i have missed embroidery).

 This arrive this week - I normally pop to the garden center around now for seedlings but can't so ordered some tomatoe and herb seeds to grow ourselves. We have a very small garden, so the will be in pots.

 Still keeping my kids busy ( although not a busy as I would like! ) We made some raspberry muffins.

Meg has made a couple of bracelets.

I think a sense of humour is even more important at the moment and this is one of my favs going round at the moment. ( If you knew my hubby, you would understand ha ha ) 

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Back soon
Take care and Keep safe
Soojay xx


  1. Hi Soojay. Am sitting here chuckling!! Good looking flowers - will await their use. Great muffins and bracelets - well done.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #8

    1. The And Finally made me hoot!! My hubby is keeping himself busy so we're not in each other's pockets the whole time, which is probably just as well ;-). I love that embroidery so much and makes me realise that I want to get my flosses out, will have to find a chart somewhere online. I'm really pleased that the FB groups have helped you at this mad time.
      Keep safe and well,
      Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  2. That is a funny meme Soojay. Hubby and I are working in separate buildings although both from home so we are not getting on each other's nerves too much lol. The embroidery is so lovely, good that you found it. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  3. Hi Soojay, laughing at your funny! I was just reading yesterday that the lockdown is going to be disastrous for plant growers, this should be the start of their main season, but all the garden centres are closed, and supermarkets are not ordering either. The muffins look fab, reminds me I have a box of frozen raspberries, might make myself! Stay safe and have a good week,Hugs, Shaz #7 X

  4. Well that funny really made me laugh! So far I'm seeing a lot less of my hubby than I usually would but not sure how things will be once we have a few wet days and he's cooped up inside! Love the embroidery - it's so relaxing isn't it - and the baking and bracelet making look like fun.
    Stay safe and well and hope you have a good week,
    Diana xx #13

  5. I'm really chuckling here at your funny. We planted our veg garden up yesterday so are hoping it all grows so we can be more self sufficient....thinking of chickens next but I understand that having a dog barking at them all day would cause them too much stress to lay eggs :-) :-)
    Annie x

  6. Oh Soojay that is so funny, mine's in the garden too, but hopefully he will be back when he's finished weeding the patio.
    I love your mini green house, looks very useful.
    Thanks for sharing
    Chris #11

  7. Nah then as a Northerner I love Tracey Evans too. Actually I've lived in so many places I'm not sure what my accent is like anymore though there are those who think that where I used to live was too far South to not really count and now I'm in Lincolnshire they all know I'm from Yorkshire! The muffins look gorgeous, could just eat one of those right now. I love your new Greenhouse too, it's so sweet and the funny, I think there are lots of husbands in the garden at the moment. Take care and have a happy and creative woyww, Angela x18x

  8. Love the funny - there are some great ones around! your raspberry muffins look fabulous! I am trying not to snack so much as normal (saves having to keep going shopping) but they are tempting me to my supplies lol Have a good week. Stay safe. Helen #3

  9. Yummy looking muffins and I love those flowers with faces. The embroidery is starting to look really good. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay well, With love & God Bless, Caro x (#17)

  10. Hi ya Sue, look at all that lovely stuff going on on your work desk. I didn't see Tracy on FB as I do not use it anymore, it tends to fog my brain so it's a space I keep away from. I only just learnt that the daisy stamp was on hochanda this week, I ordered it from somewhere else I know i'll be using it lots and lots it's so lovely just as Tracy is.
    So glad you found that rowandean embroidery, that's one I have already completed, I have many unopened to keep me busy if I feel the need to break into them.
    You've got a house full of busy creatives and those muffins look delicious., keep safe & stay creative & thanks for sharing woyww Tracey #25 xx

  11. I seen your quote on FB a bit ago and it still makes me laugh. Your desk looks nicely busy and I haven't embroidered in years! The muffins look delicious!
    Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #27

  12. Always good to finish with a chuckle although DH didn't find it as amusing. Looks like you have your hands full keeping everyone occupied and I think whatever you manage will be very good. Many other parents are just no skilled in occupying children and will rely on screen time much to the detriment of their children. Absolutely love the embroidery. stay safe and keep crafting (when you have a spare minute :))

  13. Oooh wow, that embroidery looks fantastic! And I have been re-arranging my greenery and herb pots on the balcony too, it's going to be sunny Spring weather this weekend in the Netherlands so I can sit there. I love the humor that's going around and this one you post is really funny, my brother send this one to me yesterday too and I had a good laugh, which is nice in times like this. Stay safe dear, hug from holland. Marit #24

  14. Hi Sue
    You are really a lady after my own heart. I start the Elizabeth Crafts journal at Christmas and absolutely love it. The fact that you can cut your own pages as you want them and add in bits and bobs. I couldn't sleep one night and ended up ordering more dies for it...fatal.
    I recognise those stamps you have on your desk. I love Tracy's videos too. There is so much inspiration on line at the moment it's hard to keep up. My mind is bursting with ideas.
    I did manage to get a bit for the garden before all this madness started so have plenty to keep me busy in the garden but think this year will be a time for enjoying what's already there, I always spend a fortune at the garden centre so will save loads, lol.
    Have a good week and take care
    Lisax #19

  15. Sometimes finding things for other people to do is just a huge task. But if they have nothing to do, they sit around moping dont they!! My DH is at work..he works alone in a barn in a field so is not in my pocket at all...I feel lucky and also feel I’m missing out a bit! Love that embroidery, perfect time to get back to some slow and thoughtful crafting, huh. I dont see a mess on your desk, I see stuff being done!

  16. I'm glad you've got so many nice projects to work on, Soojay. I love your embroidery piece! Your flowers are gorgeous too. My hubby is spending most of his time in the garden at the moment, and I had to show him your hilarious funny - which made him laugh!! Me too!!

    Keep well and safe, and happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #26

  17. "Eee well lass, if tha' likes a northun accent tha's come to't reet shop" There you are Sue a bit of northern chat for you, I can easily lapse into talking like my forefathers when I want. As a child my dad used to take me on long walks through the hills where we lived and we used to go over "steel oils". It wasn't until I grew up that I realised it was his way of saying "stiles".
    I too am doing a bit of flitting about with things, perhaps reflects the way our inner minds are working with all this going on in the world. I love the stitching though you are so clever to be able to do that so neatly. I look forward to seeing it at the end.
    Love your 'funny' that really is brilliant - hope it is not true in any household but am sure a few tempers will flare before it is all over.
    Stay safe and well
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  18. What would we do with social media? I also belong to many craft sites. Good to go back to old crafts occasionally. Keep it up. Love the funny at the end. Ani #1

  19. ooh my sort of desk, paints, sewing, gardening and cooking! Love your new mini greenhouse for the toms, I have just sown mine and hopefully can get some in the allotment and garden later in May when they have grown and hardened off.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already


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