An Oldie

This double spread was created in 2004 - before I started to blog. It's nothing special really but it is my husbands fav and as I have no digital copy , I thought I would photograph it and share.

The words around the edge read: 
With a little up date 

Open tough Jars (Still)
Measure out injections for our daughter (still)
Have held mine for 21 years ( 32 now)
Cook tea for our children 5 nights a week while I am at work ( thank goodness I changed jobs)
Deliver bread 6 days a week (still)
Cut the grass ( always)
Carried our son to the Chapel of rest after he died
Take our the rubbish (still)
Hold the remote ( always although there are half a dozen now!)
cuddle (still)
Served Queen and country of 13 yrs ( RAF )
Were the first to hold our four children
Rub my back
Have put out fires and saved lives for 15 years ( Retired now)
wash the car (uses car wash)
Are the hands I Love (still)

Job have changed and those poor hands have arthritis and he cannot fit a wedding ring on his finger anymore but other than that - much the same.

Soojay xx


  1. This is fantastic Sue, what a wonderfully special page, a real keepsake and very VERY special. I am not surprised that its Derek's fave, its wonderful xx

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Sue. This is certainly a very special page. I'm not surprised it means so much to your hubby. A page made with love. Barbxx

  3. That is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! My DH and son are firefighters too! Permission to scraplift?

  4. I'm not surprised that is his favourite a beautiful document at the time and great to see the update too!

  5. What a wonderful DLO. This is the stuff that scrapping makes so special - the perfect memories and the perfect keepsake.
    Toni xx


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