A Clean and Simple page

I wanted to keep this page simple its really just about the photo and the story that goes with it.
We were being photographed for our new ID photos in the staff room at school and persuaded the photographers in the Art Dept to let us mess about a bit ( there were MUCH worse photos !) 

 I used a few simple stamps with grey ink,

 and found some school themed stickers.

The journaling ( if you can't read it )says:
I love this photo. We were messing around when we had to have our photos taken for the school noticeboard. I was trying to look stern but failed. Deb and I work in the Inclusion centre at school and the kids often refer to us as "Corbyn and Jones" ( Our surnames) I think the shot looks a bit more like "Smith and Jones" TV sketch, but.... While chatting about our maiden names and saying we were glad to be rid of them, we worked out that we should be called "Cock and Bull" after our original names: Pocock and bullock!! The kids would LOVE that . (If they knew!)

Soojay xx


  1. What's it worth not to tell the kids? ;0)
    Fab photo..well worthy of scrapping!

  2. What a super keepsake page.
    Toni xx


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