Michelles Inspiration Interrogation no. 4

 The purpose of these five questions is to hopefully provide a bit of inspiration for a layout, mini album or home project.....or it's just a bit of fun.
Here are the questions and my answers:
1. What's the oldest item of clothing in your wardrobe that you still wear? And how old is it?
Not that old as I used to be reasonably slim! A next black skirt for work- probably about 7 yrs old.

2. What's the last film you saw at the cinema? And when?
 I hardly ever get to the cinema- I am sure I have been but not this year- I think the last was "The best of Me" a Nickolas Sparks film last year sometime with Hubby.

3. What was your favourite childhood meal?
My mum was not renowned for her cooking skills, so it was probably a rare meal out . I liked wimpy  meals and if was a treat to go. I was quite a fussy eater too.
4. What TV show have you watched more than any other?
We have become box set fanatics in this house as we can watch at weird times, so don't tend to watch much a regular times. I DO HAVE to watch Casualty on a Saturday night ( as have watched from the beginning) My all time fav that should never be missed is Greys Anatomy but it is on a break at the mo.

5. Halloween Humbug or Fright Fan?
Neither really - any reason to party is good. Difficult when my children were younger as Dan has ADHD ( too much sugar - not good) , Meg is type 1 diabetic ( Too much sugar- not good!) and poor Nats is over weight and I don't like too much sugar around. Having said that, they were always ( and still are) happy to hand it out to callers even though they couldn't have it. For the last few years I have been at a retreat around Halloween and will be this year.

For those of you up for this little exercise there's an added incentive of a crafty prize to one lucky linker. The winner will be drawn on the 16th November, so you have time to get your post linked to Michelles blog HERE.

Soojay xx


  1. Thanks for joining in Sue and how generous and lovely that your family is happy to hand out sweets despite not being able to indulge. I'm a box fan too and admit to watching the majority via my Tivo or box set. Good luck in the draw. x

  2. Hi Sue, seeing this had me thinking as to when was the last time I went to the cinema - the answer has to "haven't a clue" as it was so long ago LOL
    The cinemas here are not the greatest and it is a lot of money to sit in uncomfortable seats long enough to watch a whole film.
    Enjoy your retreat.
    Toni xx


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