WOYWW 579 and a give a way

My desk this morning - I completed the background pages ( using Alcohol inks , paint and my gel plate) over the weekend during the Tracy Evans workshop. I really enjoyed this even though a food delivery arrived half way though the second class!!

I started to create the front page of the book but i may change it as it is too pink.

Hopefully I will manage to do a few pages today .

I am late posting because even though we were up early, my son went back to his twice weekly placement this morning - so there was lots of excitement and planning. Thankfully they are able to work in very small groups ( 1 carer to two people) and they will be outside ( shame its raining) or in a marque. There are lots of gardening jobs to do and plenty of lovely walks.


Last week I posted that I won a beautiful jewellery roll , made by the very talented Jan. I thought that was a lovely thing to do , so have made a couple of macrame and one stretchy bracelet to give away- they should fit most wrist sizes. 
So  if you would like one , just post YES in the comments and I will enter you into the draw. It will be pot luck which you recive.

Tigers Eye stretchy 
Peace symbol macrame
Labadorite "shamballa" macrame.

If yopu would like to join in with the blog hop , pop over to Julia's Blog where all the details are.
Have a fab week. 
Soojay xx


  1. Hi Sue
    I knew as soon as I clicked onto your blog what you had been up to. Tracey is such an inspiration isn't she. You look as though you've had fun, there are some lovely papers there.
    Hope the placement is going well for your Son. It's a bit scary getting back into the world again. I've been back at work for 5 weeks now and it does get easier.
    Have a good week
    Hugs Lisax #17

  2. I quite like the bright pink that offends you! It's lovely and I'm glad you're enjoying the Tracey Evans classes so much, quite a few people seem to be 'attending' them.
    I was incredibly sad to hear about the anniversary of your son, cancer is an absolute b$%^£@$ isnt' it. Sending you big hugs about that, lovely gal.
    Yes to entering your giveaway but I don't know if they'd fit me, I have huge hands and wrists (just big all over actually!) so am happy to dip out if you have loads of entrants.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  3. I just love watching Tracy she is so much fun and can't wait to see this project finished. Fancy delivering anything in the middle of something so important, what is up with these people Lol! You're right that is a lovely idea to make things and give them away, you've got me thinking! I'd love one of your lovely bracelets they're lovely. Have a lovely and productive WOYWW, Angela x15x

  4. Hi Sue - Thanks for the comments on my blog, good to know I am not the only one worrying. Poor Chas is having to isolate because of me so our homes are going through pretty much the same worries.
    I made three masks, two for me and one needs just a row of stitching for him to have two as well although he only sits in the car so hasn't used one as yet. I fine it a pain with steaming specs up and I take them off and fumble about a bit but have managed up to now. They are not ideal but the nurse this morning assured me it will get better as I get used to wearing them.
    Didn't do the class at weekend as I thought me and a gelli plate with this gammy leg won't work but I am doing the twenty something one and hoping I can actually do it rather than play catch up later. Looks like you made some gorgeous pages. I quite like the front cover and don't find it too pink at all. But it is up to you, I know you won't be happy with it if you are a bit uncertain now.
    Lovely bracelets but to be honest I will never wear one, have lots and they rarely come out so let someone else have dibs on them. Such a lovely thought, now what could I do?
    Hugs, Neet 11 xx

  5. Hi Sue - Yes to entering your giveaway - what a lovely idea and beautiful bracelets. I love the colour combo of your artwork today and even think the pink looks good too! xx Jo

  6. Hi Sue! Those panels are stunning. Those classes look like they are really good. I love the color choices and the pastel look. They are gorgeous. When I craft on Saturdays with my friends on Zoom. I usually eat but make sure I am off camera so as not to offend with my smacking!! Those bracelets are lovely. If I lived in the UK then I would love to be considered but to mail to the US will be a hastle so I will cheer on our friends. Have a wonderful day and stay well.
    Belinda #27

  7. I'm loving your pages, and I think the pink looks great. You've made me want to get the gelli plate out now! I love your bracelets and the macrame is very effective - I think it's a lovely idea offering a give away - thank you, but I won't say yes as I don't really wear bracelets. I bet whoever wins them won't believe their luck as they really are fabulous.
    Hope you have good week,
    Diana xx #14

  8. Hi Sue, love all the panels you've created, Tracy has had so many people doing her classes, seen so much lovely work. I must admit I'm not a pink person myself, lol, never use it unless I have to. Lovely bracelets you've made what a lovely idea. Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  9. I love your backgrounds, Sue! A gorgeous subtle shade of pink and all different but do-ordinating. They are really lovely. Thank you for visiting, and I'm glad you enjoyed seeing our garden, and me as a vision in purple against the buddleia tree! You put it very well about my bladder - me controlling it, and not it controlling me! It has certainly felt like that, and I think we really may get it sorted in time!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #9

  10. My word, those backgrounds are lovely. Brilliant soft colours, really like them very much. That Tracy is definitely an inspiring type! I like the thought of you being all painty and arty and then having to break open the front door for a food delivery...a stab of real life!! Great that your son’s placement has started to operate again, I hope he really enjoys his first day back - went to see my Mum at her Care Home yesterday and even though we are only allowed in the garden, the carer girls were calling hellos and such from the french doors and it was just really nice to be in familiar company for a while, makes you realise how many people you see on a daily basis and how their routines shape your day! Thank you for the giveaway offer, if its not greedy of me since you’ve already sent me a stamp, I’d love to have my name in the hat. That string of numbers you have on one of the pages, is it a die...I see another on your desk and I’m feeling horribly enabled again!

  11. the backgrounds look fabulous - my friend Lesley always does Tracey's workshops and loves them. the bracelets are great too. Helen #2

  12. Hi Soojay. I love the pink, but do tend to agree it isn't quite right with the other pages... Pity, cos it's gorgeous. Enjoy making the rest of the book. Hope your son enjoyed his day!!
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  13. I was so inspired by yours and Lisa's art work that I had a small play with my gelli plate at the weekend but it didn't go well. Maybe I need to do one of these classes that you've both been enjoying! I love the coral tones in your work this week. Have a wonderful week, Lisa-Jane #16

  14. I’ve got a gelli plate somewhere, I must dig it out. The pinks are lovely 💗
    And I’m a big fan of the bracelets, I have a few that I wear a lot
    Lynn xx

  15. Hi Sue, ooh I love those pages, the soft shade is just so peaceful looking from this side of the screen, ~Stacy #28

  16. How rude of food delivery, do they not know that some hours are reserved for creative things. Look forward to seeing how it all turns out, the elegant daisy is a favourite set of mine. Your bracelets are really lovely Soojay I love those unexpected inclusions that can be found with labadorite a super gem stone. Stay safe & Happy WoywW Hugs Tracey #12 xx

  17. Very kind and lovely pieces Sue, but I won't enter the draw as I tend not to wear much jewellery. Hope your son enjoyed getting back into routine at his placement. Love those backgrounds and look forward to seeing the finished book. Stay safe and happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #1

  18. Morning Sue, Yes please for entering the draw. I love the mark 2 version of the cover, much better than the pink one. Wish I was as talented as you, kiddo. xx

  19. Hope the food delivery didn't spoil the workshop too much. Super little book in the makings. BJ#24

  20. Hi Soojay, loving what you have been up to. Tracey has only just come to my notice so been watching lots of videos. Really liking her style. I decided years ago it was way too late to leave Christmas till the Autumn - better things to do at that time of year!! Thanks for your earlier visit, Happy WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, Cindy #23

  21. I love the salmon/orange colour of your pages - quite some work you did there! Thanks for your visit to my blog, have a great week dear one, stay safe! Big hug from the Netherlands! Marit #20

  22. Love the idea of those pages, they are fab backgrounds!

  23. Hi Soojay, I would love a bracelet if it’s not too late for the draw! Love the cover already, I think the background is an orangey pink, very attractive. I must watch Tracey myself, everyone has good things to say about her. Your pages are great, it has been years since I did any and I never did any fine thread. Did you use cord or thread? We have just arrived home, travelling always wears me out! Hugs Angela x #25

  24. I love gelli plating - sometimes it is a surprise when you get the results!
    Love all your pages!
    Happy Crfating!

    Susan #8

  25. Hi. Just saying hello and thanks for visiting and your kind words. Can't sleep so am visiting those who stopped by. Take care Anne X 25


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