Weekend Tasks

we don't have a front garden, just a tiny bit of rough stony , weedy land , about 1 1/2 feet wide. Even though i put down some webbing , pulled all the weeds up and then covered with the big stones, loads of weeds had managed to come through. Dan said he would do it for me , so we popped to the garden center and he chose some tiny white stones, put a triple layer of webbing down after he weeded and then spread out the little stones. He also picked up a beautiful dark pink hydrangea.
He the strimmed all around the outside of the garage and it looks a lot tidier now.

 As well as tidying up my Etsy shop - I know where i can find everything and the shop looks better, I need new stock ( and to do something with the enormous amount of supplies I have acquired over the years!). So I made 5 stretchy bracelets with Buddha beads - just waiting for some glue to arrive as I have no idea where mine is- if there is any left.

Dan wasn't keen, but I used him to photograph the unisex bracelets. I have hardly made a dent in supplies!! 

Back Soon
Soojay xx


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