Good morning deskers  - this is my desk this morning , reasonably tidy. Can I draw you attention to the little metal bowl? I may be ( as I often am ) the last to know, but this is a magnetic bowl, i think mostly used by car mechanics to hold parts while working on cars. It's BRILL for holding small dies - someone posted it on face book , so i got one as i am always losing the tiny ones when i am using them.

I made this yesterday for a pupil who's granddad recently passed , as we are not in school right now , i would normally support her though this.

I finally finished my mini book from a workshop a couple of weeks ago.

Here are a couple of the pages - I LOVE the snail.

I have another workshop with Tracy Evans this week end, so watch this space.

I have finally been spurred on to make some jewellery for the shop after a few recent sales.
I will be making some bracelets with "calming /health " gemstones.

Another piece made this week .

Ohh and I played with the tonic box frame dies - they really do only take a few mins to make , so i will be using these a lot i think.

I must say a big thank you to Jan
for the beautiful prize from her blog hop - i LOVE this .

Beautiful sewing <3

I am sure quite a few have seen this already but it is SO true!! 

If you would like to join in with the weekly blog hop , pop over to Julia's Blog where all the details are and then we can all nosy at your desk.

Have a Fab week
Soojay xx


  1. Yay, I'm so pleased you like the wallet and as you're a jewellery maker, I hope you get lots of use from it! The Covid/glitter analogy is really clever, when I worked in schools, I used come home and find it everywhere and I hadn't even been crafting with the kids - go figure! The metal bowl is such a clever idea - honestly the simplest things often work the best eh?!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  2. Morning Soojay. You are definitely not the last... What a fantastic idea for using that little magnetic bowl! Brilliant. Love the card - well done The little necklace is great - enjoy making some more bits. As for the "and finally".. great! It does rather spread, doesn't it?
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  3. I'll try again.... my 1st comments have not displayed on anyones blog...some error on my blog part with sign in I guess. Love your card. And I love the little journal you made. The colors and design pages are gorgeous. Our Harbor Freight has those little magnetic bowls and I purchased the magnetic strips for tools They work great at my cutting table. Ordering online was way to spending because of weight. Have a great day and Happy WOYWW.

  4. Perfect prize for you, assuming you actually keep some of your own jewellery! It’s beautiful fabric isn’t it, that LLJ is quite nimble with a stitcher! I love the mini book (and the snail), beautiful colours you chose. But, definite revelation of the day for me is the magnetic bowl - what a great idea. Had no idea that such things existed. Rather suspect there will be a spike in sales now - such a good idea. Except...I can see my small dies actually living in it.....lazy.

  5. I have not seen the metal bowls before. Now I need the metal bowls. Gah! But what a genius idea! So useful for eyelets and brads and things too. I love the look of the frame dies as well but I must resist. Have a lovely week, Lisa-Jane #15

  6. Ohhh Soojay I cannot stop laughing at the Crafters explanation of COVID..... absolutely perfect. The magnetic bowl sounds like a very clever idea. I will have to get one for dear H who is always loosing metal bits when working on his bike. Gorgeous card for your student. Stay safe as you keep creating.
    Sandra de

  7. I saw those frames on Hochanda and was impressed, they look awfully easy to assemble and they look ever so good too. Enjoy framing all the Tracy things now - except circular of course.
    Lovely cards (was that one of the ones on Hochanda, the floral one) and jewellery and, of course, the finished book. I was waiting for my purchases before I did the final three pages - no excuse now and I had better get on with it as I will be having my pacemaker changed within the next 4 weeks. OOer! Not what I wanted but hey ho, it has to happen.
    Hugs, Neet 5 (who cannot remember whether she is doing this workshop or not - doh, the original dizzy blonde) xxx

  8. You have been a busy girl this week with lots of really lovely projects.
    Annie x #13

  9. Hello friend! I must have one of those bowls. I must have been under the same rock as you because I never heard of it but love the idea. Will have to check Amazon. Your cards are lovely as always and the mini album is so darn cute. I love it! It's raining here today. We have had rain for a few days and we need it but I dread the darn mosquitos that will be out in full force when I get a chance to go outside again. (can't win!) I am pushing myself to make more cards so I can re-open my etsy shop in September. Fingers crossed. I love the jewelry you make. It's beautiful! Stay well, my friend!
    Belinda #31

  10. Mini book is adorable, yes love the snail too and the colours. BJ#23

  11. you have been busy! I've never heard of those metallic bowls either but what a good idea, as long as it 's not such a strong magnet you have to fight with it to release the dies! Fab cards and I love the gift from Jan you won. thanks for visiting whilst I was working!! Helen #1

  12. Hi Sue, that bowl is a great idea. Looks like you've been busy. Tracy is so much fun to watch and your
    take on her projects are brilliant. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x20x

  13. Hi Soojay, I have never heard of magnetic bowls either, so you are not the last to know. I have an MDF tray set for my dies, so I added an extra magnetic sheet on the top of it, and I put any dies on there that I am working with - as I know I never put them away, straight away, only when the sheet gets full ... and I run out of room! I can, however, see the benefit of the little bowl. But no, I shall resist temptation! Lovely jewellery roll from Jan, and that's a beautiful sympathy card, and necklace you have made. This blog hop has such talented ladies! Have a lovely week, hugs Heather xx #16

  14. Great way to keep track of your dies in that magnetic bowl! I have seen them used but I have a huge Spellbinders magnetic that I use but mostly to keep track of my small detail scissors.
    Love your book! The cover is amazing and I like the snail, too. Great other cards and congrats on winning the jewelry wallet!
    Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #29

  15. That's a clever little dish Soojay, I have one for pins but it's not as nice looking as yours. Beautiful card and your mini book looks fantastic, I have yet to catch up with Tracy and her tutorials on youtube, life has just been so busy over the past few weeks. Your a very lucky girl to have won one of Jans lovely makes, there's so many fabulous creatives among the WoywW gang..
    Stay safe.. Creative wishes Tracey #8

  16. That little bowl is a brilliant idea - must get one!
    Love all your different creations - you have been busy! Love the first card and lovely book...
    Happy woyww!
    Susan #12

  17. ooh Pick me I know... all the projects are now blingy hahaha. That is a beautiful card for your student Sue and yep, the guys at work all have those bowls and trays to catch parts on in the shop so, Ive known about them but, never hauled one home. I tend to have washi tape on mine and I stick them to the mat when I pop them out of the paper most of the time. ~Stacy #31

  18. Happy Belated WOYWW and thank you for your earlier visit. What a fantastic selection of finished projects - and, of course, the bag from Jan is amazing. I particularly love your mini book - those colours are gorgeous. Ali x #18

  19. I think you have made an amazing array of projects! And I had a laugh about the crafty Covid 19 explanation - of course only crafty people understand it! :-)
    Have a lovely week and thank you for visiting my blog.
    Love and hugs

  20. I imagine the little magnetic bowl would be handy for self assembly furniture too - all those screws and bolts and washers that end up going walkabout would be a thing of the past...
    I love the card you made for the pupil you support -what a kind, thoughtful gesture. I'm sure it will be treasured. Also love that pretty necklace - gorgeous pastel colours - and have already been for a bit of window-shopping over on Etsy!
    Have a good week.

    Amelia #30

  21. Gorgeous projects!! The magnetic bowl sounds like a brill idea - I just stuck another magnetic sheet on the wall for the same reason but am worried the small dies may fall off. I need some similar system for sentiment stamps - I am always mislaying them. Stay Safe, stay well, Cindy #27

  22. Great tip on the magnetic bowl. That is one of the things I love about these craft space peeks. Beautiful projects that you posted and I love the assortment of products. Have a beautiful week. Dorlene #33

  23. I love all your beautiful cards and the little book is stunning. Love the idea of the magnetic bowl. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

  24. Such a lovely card Sue and I am sure the pupil will appreciate your thoughts as you can't see each other in person. Enjoy the new workshop, that mini book is so cool! Stay safe and Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #2

  25. I love that card and that mini book is just awesome!! Love all the blues, and also on the tag with the heart - very inspiring, I might go create in blue now! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week, and your compliment about my new hair/look. Happy, belated woyww and hug-from-a-distance! Marit #26

  26. Congratulations on your win, you now have something to keep in it! Gosh your desk looks tidy, Love the glitter item mine would include the dog and cat as they sit under the table. Ani

  27. Hi Soojay! Your desk looks very tidy this week, and the card is beautiful, I'm sure your student will appreciate it. So nice to see the book you've been working on, it's wonderful! I love the colours you chose! The cover looks very 3-D. The glitter post is so right, whenever we used glitter in the classroom it would go everywhere, no matter how careful we would be! Thanks for your earlier visit, have a great week! Lindart #34

  28. Lovely projects on your desk this week, Soojay, and I think the metal bowl is a very good idea. I saw one on YouTube a few months ago. So nice that you got LLJ's jewellery pouch which is so pretty - especially as you are a jewellery maker! Lovely necklace, by the way!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #7

  29. ooh that metal bowl is a brilliant idea, my mate is a mechanic-I may ask where they get them from! LOVE the Covid explanation, not seen it before and made me laugh out loud-it is SO true!



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