What a Mess!!

The fallout from the weekend workshop - didn't stay tidy for long!
We used our gel plates and alcohol inks to make some backgrounds for a book . Now I just need to decorate the pages.

Mine will mostly be using "Bee" stamps - I have a few collections!! 
I am using Mainly Aall and Create stamps and dyes.

This is the start of the front cover but it is too pink , so I may change it.

I spent a lot of the weekend "tidying" my Etsy shop- so that it is really easy to find products when I get sales. I found out that I have quite a bit of stock that is not listed , so I need to photograph it and get it in the store. I also found that silver earrings (in some cases) are oxidizing and need a polish - I might leave the fish hooks off when I make them up and add them at the last min so i don't need to polish them .

Back Soon 
Soojay xx


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