Well its been used this week so its is messy .
I have been trying to draw for the first time in years. I have watched lots of You tube videos and looked at loads of journal blogs. This is my second attempt.The first time I played with some very messy chalk pastels. This is coloured with water colours and H2O's.
If you look closely, you will see a glass of wine - its been a busy week and we are only half way though! The tags are from a UKS swap and are the ones that arrived in the post for me today.

 I added liquid pearls to her dress and sequins to the stencilled background.

I need lots of practice I know, I dont mind that she is not perfect and will keep trying .

If you would like to join in with the look around everyones desks, Pop over to Julia's blog to see how to take part.

Soojay xx


  1. A very busy desk from you this week Sue. Love the journal page.
    Toni xx

  2. Your Link was going to my blog Sue, have corrected it so no action to take, but if you're a bit low on visits that may be why!
    I think your drawings are fab, messy they may be but the one in pastels is lovely too! You must be very pleased.

  3. I rather love your drawing Sue....what's not perfect about it? I love working in pastels although it's not something I've done for years....maybe I should get mine out lol
    Have a great week.
    Annie # 10

  4. The fun part of art journaling is the practice and the progress. This is a wonderful start! Love the dimension you added by using the liquid pearls and sequins.

  5. She's beautiful Sue. Your drawing is great and I'm very impressed with your skill with the liquid pearls. Happy journalling! Barb xx #24

  6. Great project and isn't the practice half the fun.... love trying out all the techniques.
    sandra de @11

  7. Your journal page and tags are just beautiful. There is always time to have a glass of wine. #35

  8. A great drawing - if only I could do something half as nice! x jo

  9. Your journal page looks great!

    I'm on number 40. You're welcome to visit my blog!

    Greetings, Sofie

  10. I love that you gave the bird a branch to perch on Sue :) the colors of each of them are gorgeous :) ~Stacy #51

  11. Love your blingy fairy! I haven't dared drawing human figures or the like in my journal yet... though they can of course always be covered with a layer of gesso...
    Happy woyww :)
    Kristiina #11

  12. Wow another fantastic drawing Sue! She's absolutely brilliant.
    (So pleased you joined in at 'show your face' )
    Was the glass of wine before noon or after :) .....I'm glad its not just me who like a glass while crafting.
    Lovely tags and desk too... Gill x

  13. Hi Soojay, thanks for visiting my blog earlier! That's a lovely drawing - I find watching YT videos really helps understanding the techniques. By the way, Shoshi accidentally left your message on my blog. I'll copy it for you:
    "Thank you for your return visit, Soojay. Two hundred cards? I was thinking of making about 10 lol lol!!! I don't know how you manage to make so many! It would be nice to have a good selection to choose from when the need arises. What an inspiration you are! Shoshi #30"
    Have a great rest of the week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle

  14. Love the journal page Sue, not sure though what perfect means Lol! If you look around at the drawings people do it's the un-perfect that you remember because they are different, perfect(whatever that is) would make them all look the same and how boring would that be! I understand that you might want things to be the right shape and in the right place but there were famous artists who would not agree with that either ( Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse) so I say go for it girl! Happy crafting, Angela x 27

  15. Looks good to me :) I'm useless at drawing anything and expecting it to look realistic LOL! I honestly cannot remember how I learned new crafting skills before YouTube. It is just the best resource for close-up tutorials - well, once you work thru the ones that are rubbish and find the best one!

    Love the UKS swap tags (of course)!

    glad to be back ... finally!
    Mary Anne (33)

  16. I believe in magic...I do, I do, I do :). She's a perfectly beautiful fairy and I love the way you've given her a pair of stud earrings :). The tags are great, Sue. I've just ordered a 12 pot set of Brusho crystals so will soon be able to play around with backgrounds for tags and cards...are they here yet??!!??
    Bejay x

  17. I love your fairy girl, she's very pretty...glad you had fun drawing her! The little earrings are genius :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xx

  18. Wow, what a lovely fairy! I'm impressed! Isn't it wonderful how we can find so much on YouTube and in blogs to inspire and instruct us?
    Happy WOYWW!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@4

  19. Great journal page - I think she's charming... who needs perfection?!
    Alison x


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