Well theres not as much as I would like going on ! I am now on holiday till September yayyy- before you get too jealous - I don't get paid for the holidays. 
Anyway Hubby came back from Cornwall and still had a few days off, so we have had a few days out. I picked up a little shopping ;).

 These arrived this week :) - I had pre ordered them and didn't think they would be here till August - can't wait to try them out :).

 I was playing with inks last week and these are still on my desk waiting to be turned into cards.

We have a craft shop 5 miles away- fortunately I don't get chance to visit often - just as well really !! these are not cheap.
Ohh and if you look to the right of my photo , you will see my boo boo! I ordered 100 WHITE tags from an ebay shop - They were called kraft tags but there was a drop down menu for the colour you wanted and i definitely asked for white. They didn't cost much BUT I did some how manage to get two lots- I also ordered another size in white, so now have 300 tags!! Will be using these at Christmas!!

Have a lovely day and if you would like to join in with our desk hop - HERE is the place to start with all the details.

Soojay xx


  1. 300 tags! Lol :-) at least they'll never go off!! I'm only laughing cos that's the sort of daft things that I do!
    I've seen those weird birds on others desks..what is it about them that appeals? I just don't get it! Just as well we're all different, eh?!
    But I LOVE your butterfly cards...oh my goodness, they are beautiful, especially the turquoise one on the right. I'd buy that one in the shops!!
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xxxx
    Ps. I'm really chuffed that you're getting a lot of use from your tote :-D

  2. Oh I do that kind of thing all the time, especially with beads, they are always much smaller than I expected. Love the inks BTW

  3. Oh my goodness...you did get a lot of tags. I'm not sure what I would do with 300! Good luck with that!
    Glenda #31

  4. The butterflies are lovely. I'm wondering how you did them. 300 tags! That should be more than enough to last a lifetime :)

  5. Lots of great stuff on your desk. Those birds look awesome and have fun making all those tags!

  6. Hi Sue, your little tag issue had my chuckling - always hoping our orders are what we expected. I'm also smiling about green card...I don't buy it separately it comes in a 100 sheet stack and I don't use green much so have heaps. Thanks for dropping by my desk, enjoy your holidays RobynO#15

  7. Gorgeous butterfly cards and at least you will never have to order tags again. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de #37

  8. Have a lovely holiday. You're going to have lots to do when you get back. 300 tags !!!
    and those gorgeous crazy birds . Have fun. Barb#33 x

  9. I had to smile at you tag debacle. It's something I would do too.
    The weird birds are great. Shaz has them on her desk too today.
    I love you butterfly cards. Beautiful!
    Have a great week,

  10. Hi Sue, hope you're enjoying your hols. It's always the same when school breaks up , the weather changes. I will never forget the month or so before we broke up, the rooms were like ovens and the day after we finished for summer it rained. I'm sure it can't do this every year but well !!!! Still it's an excuse to stay in and craft. I look forward to seeing what you do with the bird dies, got mine too and it was a surprise as like you I thought it would be August before they arrived.
    A famous person once said " You can never have enough shoes and handbags" and she should have included tags!!! I am sure you will find all kinds of uses for them. You can always cover them with Gesso if you want them white or stick things on them.
    Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x 29

  11. Really love those butterflies, I'm also wondering what you did with them... Good luck with your tags. Just saw a challenge in June that asked for projects using several tags at once. They had some nice christmas cards with several tags layered together as toppers... Lucky you have a couple of different sizes at least! Thanks for stopping by my desk. The TacknPeel actually comes as a sticker, (can't remember where I bought it, cost maybe 7e) and I just used up one of my acrylic blocks to stick it on. Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #17

  12. I love the butterflies! They are beautiful!

  13. Hi Sue, sorry but I laughed at your boo-boo! Having done similar things myself by failing to check dimensions. With that many, you can always use some for experiments, knowing you aren't going to run out if you toss them. I'm expecting my dies for the Crazy Birds any day- Jennie at The Artistic Stamper wasn't expecting to get hers till the end of August, but she got an email last week to say they were arriving on Monday, so she's posted them out.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

  14. Oh my word! 300 tags in a colour you don't want! Guess what you are making as Christmas gifts then? Sets of gift tags! Hope they weren't too dear. #45

  15. I love the butterfly cards - they are stunning, and I think the little birdies are cute - I look forward to seeing what you do with them. I guess you'll never run out of tags now, that lot should keep you going into old age!! Hope you have a great week, and thanks so much for stopping by my desk earlier,
    Diana #49

  16. Lots of super goodies for you to play with Sue - Have fun.
    Toni xx

  17. With your 300 new tags and those cute birdy stamp/die cuts, I see a series coming up. I found a box of manila tags at a thrift store for just a couple of collars a couple of years ago, and I'm still working off of it. Have a blessed week!

  18. Oh heck! A lot of tags - hope you have to do lots of cards at Christmas.
    Love the dies you have - love Heartfelt and the Crazy Birds. I must see if I can find the latter, you have tempted me.
    Hugs, & Thanks for your earlier visit to me - Neet 25 xx

  19. have a lovely holiday...dreaming up uses for your tags! lol that is the sort of thing i would do
    happy woyww
    charlie :) #20

  20. Love those butterfly halves! They will be stunning cards, and I just got the bird dies too; haven't had a chance to play...yet. Thanks for stopping by, have a great week.

  21. Love that you stamped the butterfly across two pieces , great idea. Hope you have fun with your bird dies, I have to admit that as much as I like the stamps, the dies will be too fiddly and swear inducing for me....bet you'll love 'em!

  22. Oh I forgot to say about the tags....will cheerfully buy some off you if you're feeling horribly overwhelmed....I use a lot once the Christmas workshops get going!


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