I promise I am NOT a craft shop snob...but....Hobby craft can sometimes be quite expensive for some things so I tend not to shop there much. IF I am popping into Norwich , I do sometimes pop in to look round and often get my DST from there if I am running low. Most other items tend to be cheaper on line. I did buy the craft 8" x 8" album in a sale last time I was there in the Spring. for £2.50
I went to the on line shop last week and they are still £2.50!! AND in lots of different colour or covers.  So I bought the girls a pink one each and a blue one for Dan - at that price they can be used for anything. I counted 40 pages - You couldn't make them for that price!  Even the same in 12" x 12" is only £5.

I bought 5 of them and still hadn't spent enough for free postage ( £20 - I think it is back to £30 now though  ) so added some stamps to the order . So if you are looking for small scrapbooks or books to alter or journal in - Hobby craft on line.

Soojay xxx


  1. I saw some of these on another UKS'ers blog and I loved them. I have found some 12x12's on amazon for about £8, so your find is better, thank you :)

  2. Look forward to seeing what you do with yours - will you be inking & decorating it?
    The comment you left about my mugs made me smile - I don't use all of them all of the time. I have some seasonal ones that come out at certain times of year and others that I swap around when I fancy a change. If I get completely fed up with them they end up going into work.
    Toni xx


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