Even though I live in a small town in the middle of no where- I can still find craft supplies in the next town ( 5 miles away) I don't go very often. I tend to get stuff on line when i need ( want ;)) it.
There is a shop called Albright - it was originally a haberdashery shop only, but now there's general craft supplies and paper craft stuff too. There is even a face book page.
Anyway I popped in yestersday and came away with this little haul . 

 Can you guess that green is my fav colour? I bought these in a pack altogether - a bit cheaper than buying them separately.

I also bought the embossing enamel in green and another mist spray.

Still not much in the way of crafting - hubby arrived back from a week away and brought loads of washing . We have also been trying to sort out the wasteland that is our garden.
Hopefully, I'll have something to show you soon ( other than supplies ) 

Soojay xx


  1. I'm so jealous, Sue. I live just five minutes from Hobbycraft here in Truro but apart from the fact that they are overpriced, it's a steep hill back and my bad back won't allow me to walk it. I seem to have moved from a place that had quite a few craft outlets (Hampshire) to a county that seems to be devoid of craft shops. We never get any shows or exhibitions down here, they seem to think that the country ends at the Tamar Bridge lol. I have to get ALL my supplies online and I really miss me 'kid in a candy store' days of being able to wander round an actual shop looking for bargains. Although I love living down here I sometimes wish I hadn't moved lol. x

    1. Ahh now you see I think I would rather be in Cornwall - Love it there :) Its been a while and I think we saw your sis when we were last there too :)

  2. Chic Moss & Decadent Teal...great colours. Have a great time playing with them.
    Toni xx


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