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Michelle From Scrapthology has set five questions to help with starting points for scrapbook pages  or mini books or pieces of art work. Hopefully lots of people can join in and I can be nosey and hop around the blogs to see every ones answers.
So here goes with my answers to the first five questions:

1. What was your childhood favourite sweet?
 Not an easy answer as i do have a sweet tooth and as a child felt that I ought to try out every type that I could ! We didn't get much pocket money but I do remember getting 4 black jacks or fruit salad sweets for an old penny :) . I loved sweet peanuts, my sister Steph used to send them to me in a paper bag ( it was obligatory that the sweets got stuck to the bag) It took almost as long to peel the bag away as to eat them. I loved the parma violet sweets - ohh and lucky bags with all sorts of stuff in them. Spangles - mint were my favs .I also loved the little crunchy cushions of toffee that don't seem to be available any more. as you can see, I could go on for hours about sweets! I will stop now.

2. When did you last dance?
I dance all the time even at work ( I work in a school). the pupils think I am mad. I danced last at the Christmas staff party and the next time will be yr 11 prom next month.

3. Who was the first person you spoke to or texted today?

I spoke to staff at school to say good morning at 8am this morning and texted hubby a bit later as he was in Wales visiting family -almost home now.

4. What are your favourite three books?

Ohh another hard question - just like sweets - I LOVE reading.  I love anything by Nick sparks ( know soppy!) I guess I would chose message in a bottle as one of my favs.  I loved The five people you meet in heaven  by Mitch Albom and ooohh hard - I recently read a book called "The girl with all the gifts" and that is still in my head but there are HUNDREDS more.

5. When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?

I laugh all the time and much of it is not appropriate, especially at work! On Monday this week a colleague came into our office to tell us about a horse simulator she had been on and the way she talked about it had us doubled over . Thankfully there were no pupils with us at the time - they do tend to roll their eyes if we are being daft though .

Right your Turn - just pop over to Michelles blog to link up HERE

Soojay xx


  1. Toffee cushions, I forgot about those they were a regular and yes you always ate some paper bag with the sweet peanuts. Thanks for joining in Sue, I loved reading your answers.x

  2. It is always such fun learning a bit more about fellow bloggers.
    Toni xx


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