More Calendars - " How To"

 I thought it might be good to show you how these are made as they are SO simple.

First up is a screen shot of a calendar I downloaded for free from HERE.
I am using picasa - which is also free- I love that there is a tab ( on left side of pic in blue) where you can tint your picture. That means I can print out the calendar in any colour i like.... match any card stock - the project takes up about 3/4 of a sheet of 12" x 12" card .
 I print my calendar out on printer paper and then back with the card stock - but you could just print straight to card - making sure you leave a boarder when you cut it out.

 You also need some chip board - I used the back of note books.

 And if you are going to make one, you may as well make 3 or 4 at the same time.

For this particular calender, I cut my card 2 1/4"  x 2 1/2"

I chose a small stamp and stamped along the bottom edge - it doesn't matter too much as you don't get to see much of it once the calender page is stuck on.

I also stamp a small image or word (i.e. Notes) on the back .

Again , its better to do them in batches- It is quite tedious to ink around all the edges, but I like to- you certainly don't have to.

I then cover the chip board- I have used DST on most of this so far but for the cover, It needs to be a stronger wet glue.
Then decorate the cover with scraps and add the year . 
I have used small book rings or those phone cords with a hole punched at the top corner and then hung charms on mine.
I found some small paper bags ready to decorate in hobby craft - cheaper than making my own too.

Everyone who got one at work, loved them.

Soojay xx


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