End of term- yayyyyy


So glad it's end of term! I have only been back at work for 3 weeks and I was SO tired!!! Life is so different at school- I used to really enjoy it , especially when I worked in the same office as my line manager. We used to have such fun. Now we work alone - two days in isolation ( so boring) and two full on days in wellbeing - I saw 10 pupils on Thursday and ended up with a bad head. 
Anyway enough moaning!! Its Easter hols.
I have been watching Tim Holtz You tube lives on a Saturday and am so inspired ( if not a little poorer) . I already had the embossing die but had to wait for some embossing glazes to turn up before I could have a go at altering it. Really happy with the result. There will hopefully be more of this soon.

Aall and create had a new release and I was very lucky to be able to get the whole set this time - so I will be unwrapping these over the next few days too.
I somehow managed to miss the ATDML crop last weekend, so hope to catch up with that as well.

I watched a you tube video a couple of weekends ago by Katie Parker  and then ,made these - I made another yesterday. I am quiet pleased with them.

I bought a bead scoop from JM , added a few more  and have made a few long necklaces - this is the most recent and measures 38 inches and has 138 gemstones.

Hoping to be back soon with more 2makes"

Soojay xx


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