Happy Wednesday everyone . Last week I was having a tidy up and trying (ha ha ) to downsize - or find some floor space. I did have a bit of a change around and have a little more space but have not managed to get rid of much! 
So this corner is my "other workdesk" - my school work gets done here.

Not much change here .
To the left are most of my jewellery making supplies - I have a little Etsy store called Soojay . There is a link to the left if you would like to look. All postage within the UK is free.

Now this does look a bit higgley piggley but it is a work in progress and I mostly know where stuff is right now.

I moved the table in front of the window at the back of the room - to hopefully get some of the light in the afternoon. ( its Tuesday afternoon as I take these photo's) I know i am ahead for once!

I took part in a weekend workshop to make a little book with Tracy Evans. I am still working on it. 

I also created this for the Uk Scrappers weekly challenge this week. 

I DID move a lot of bags from the floor - I promise - these need to find a better home - they are my precious stamps . On the chair my box of fav scrapbook papers.
some of my pens, paints and pastels.

And these three boxes (hiding - not very well- under the oil cloth) contain my sewing machine , wool, material and threads. at least they are out of bags and have freed up a little floor space.

Last but not least is my trolley - I love it , not from ikea as they were around £50. This one is from Hobbycraft - this even got a little update as they now sell the accessories for it yayy, the extention bars and cup thingies arrived Tuesday 

Sorry to take up so much of you time. If you would like to join in with the weekly blog hop, Pop over to Julia's Blog where all the details are .


  1. Well, that was a fun nosey around your craft room, thank you for sharing!! And as long as you know where everything is, well that's the important thing eh? I've seen a few deskers do the Tracey Evans workshop, she must be good cos everyone's enjoying it.
    Btw, you're one of the Giveaway winners, the wallet is in the post - hope you enjoy putting some of your lovely jewellery in it!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  2. Always lovely to have a little peek at another studio and see your bits and pieces. Love the LO, great photo and colours. Wishing you a very creative week.
    Sandra de #23

  3. I think you've done a wonderful job at organising your room esp if you now know where everything is. I really enjoyed my look round too.
    Annie x #12

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments - I think I will try and think of a project with Ben's quote - Max would love that. A lovely snoop around your room there - a place for everything... xx Jo #18

  5. Hi Soojay. A great nosey around your work space. You are doing a good job sorting (if not actually getting rid of much), and tidying. I like your page which you made this week. You are not the first I have seen with that Tracey Evans workshop. It was popular.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  6. Ha ha how long will everything stay in its place, if it was me a couple of days at the most but even then I still know where most things are (well not my Christmas embellishments see my post)! Have a good week. Ani

  7. Hello Soojay! I know what you mean about trying to recover floorspace. My craft room is packed tight! I love those caddies. I have bought several and dedicate them to different things. For example I have one that is just for my coloring book collection and pencils. One is for my genealogy stuff. I wish I had more room because I would buy more and the fact they they are on wheels make them so useful. Your etsy shop is lovely. I really love the Variscite macrame bracelet. I have an etsy shop too but it's on vacation mode so I can replenish the supplies. It's been slow going. But I hope to re-open soon. I hope they don't close my shop for being on vacation mode so long! Take care my friend.
    Belinda #30

  8. It's a constant battle isn't it, to stop the supplies taking over and swallowing us whole! Lovely layout for UKS - that stripey paper is wonderful. Have a great week, Lisa-Jane #14

  9. Hi Soojay, love that layout, fabulous colours. Looks like you've done a great job on the craft room organisation, it seems to take forever, I agree. Stay Safe, Have a lovely week,Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  10. Ooh I have enjoyed having a nosey around your work space - it looks like you pretty much have everything under control, but it's always a battle keeping it like that I find! I love the trolley and it's great they do accessories to match too.
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana x #16

  11. Wow, you've got so much stuff! I love your Tracey Evans project! You're the second person to mention her this week - I've checked her out - I'm an instant fan! Lovely layout too - so colourful - love the butterflies on it! Thanks for your visit earlier! Happy crafting! zsuzsa #24

  12. Thanks for letting us nosey round your craft space - the search for better organisation and more space is never ending! Have a good week, Cindy #11

  13. oh what a lovely space you have - so much tidier than mine! I really need a blooming good sort out but can't face it at present... been saying for years though! Helen #2

  14. I love your room Sue, with all the brilliant organising. The trolley looks awesome with its accessories! I haven't got room for one, and manage with my pull-out units for extra surfaces, and I can access most of my storage OK. I sometimes wish I did need a trolley, though, because I love the look of them!

    Thank you for your visit, and I couldn't possibly give up on the cardigan after all the time and effort I've put into it, not to mention all the materials which I'd hate to waste! It is so worth persevering with things like this because in the end I'll get to wear it and then none of it will be a waste! Lol at your comment re the shoulder pads! I can't think why my hubby suggested them because they are associated with power dressing and he already thinks I've got too much power without taking on a Maggie Thatcher persona haha!!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #26

  15. Looks like you have most everything organized on your shelves. Great projects! Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #27

  16. Hi Soojay, your work space is very organised. Like to think I know where everything is, but sometimes I can’t find things. Lovely layout and I would like to know more about the workshop x Happy WOYWW Angela #33

  17. Didn't know you had a jewellery store as well, shame I have given up on the long dangly ear rings I used to wear but at my age I feel a bit silly. I have so much costume jewellery you just would not believe!
    Good to see your workspace and thanks for the nod about the add ons to the trolley. I think they would fit the Ikea one as well - must investigate, always useful although mine ended up hosting towels in the bathroom.
    Lovely LO - like you I still have to finish my book only because I am stuck for images - not sure I want different flowers but I think it will come down to that unless I fall into the trap of buying more stamps.
    Take care and stay well, Hugs, Neet 8 xx
    ps my back will never be right, nothing they can do and because of heart probs cannot take any other pain killers than codeine and paracetamol. Bummer but that's it.

  18. Hi Sue, thanks for mentioning the trolley as I got three of those some weeks ago but they didn't have the other stuff in stock so I will go back and check them out again. Wishing you a happy week and a very creative woyww, Angela x19x

  19. Hi Sue, I love that you showed your whole space. and I have the same colored rolling cart ( IKEA) but, it was the only one available when I bought it without thinking there is carpet in here haha. ( it hides in the closet where the floor is hard) I love that you have little extra's for yours that looks very handy to increase the storage on it. ~Stacy #32

  20. Great fun, taking a look round your craft room - so much to see!
    I find it so useful seeing how other people organise their stuff.
    I used to have an IKEA kitchen butcher's block in England - It was the perfect size for my guillotine, with shelves below. I brought neither the block nor the guillotine - but I found a similar guillotine in a second hand shop (15 dollars - a bargain) and bought the IKEA double butchers block. It takes my Big Shot Plus, guillotine, has two drawers and shelves below. Funnily enough when I was watching the Cartonnage workshop with Claudia Squio I saw she used two of these double butchers block screwed together.
    Stay safe, keep well.
    Happy Crafting
    Susan #13

  21. Super scrappage and the little book looks great too.
    Thanks for the visit BJ#15

  22. Well I think your space is fab, and I hope you’re enjoying have a desk thats flooded with light now and then, I really like it - but it has proven that whatever the consultant wants to tell me, my eye sight is definitely wonky! I would love to take your oops purchase stamp set off your hands - but must pay you for it so you can buy another! Love the book from Tracys workshop, you’re a clever stick.

  23. Hi Soojay, sorry for the late visit. Thanks for the tour of your crafty area - looks lovely. I have a sofa bed in the corner of mine as it doubles up as a guest room, otherwise I would love the style of shelving you have in your second photo. I have looked at the Hobbycraft trolley, but they won't fit under my desktops. I'll just have to get creative to free up some space. My sewing machine is on the floor, and my embroidery stuff is in a different room completely. Your layout is lovely - I like anything with butterflies! Have a lovely week and stay safe and well, Heather xx #4

  24. I have three of those trolleys, must look into getting those accessories, I didn't know there was any such thing! Lovely to have a look round your craftroom!

  25. I enjoyed the stroll around your craft room today Sue. You are getting there with the tidying. I love the trolley, they do seem to hold an enormous amount. I need to get some more cup holders for mine though. Love the scrapbook layout! Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  26. Oh, your room looks very neat - I hope you can find it all back (my problem when I clean and re-arrange my atelier: I spend hours looking for things...) Thanks for visiting my blog earlier this week, sorry I'm late with my visit back to your blog - finally time fell into place with my mind, yay! Have a great weekend, hug from Holland. Marit #28

  27. I love peeking at craft rooms! Yours is certainly well stocked, and it's always good to know where things are! I love the colours of your little book in progress, can't wait to see it finished! Thanks for your visit and you kind words re my journal! Have a great week, Lindart #29

  28. I enjoyed our peep around your room - thank you! The Tracy Evans workshop piece is looking great and I love that scrapbook layout. Sorry I am so late visiting. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xx (#9)


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