Late again!! Opps. This is my desk ( or part of the mess) this morning . In the middle of a project.
I took part in a weekend workshop on Facebook live with Tracy Evans and am using what I learned in my next project.

This is what we completed in the class. I LOVED it.

I spent some of Monday baking - mostly bread as we were almost out and I didn't want to go out. Hubby was happy .

Three loaves of brown bread - one had walnuts and cranberries in it.

What a faff these were to make - Bagels. Unfortunately the kids loved them , so looks like i will have to make them again.

Of course I had to make a cake too.

taken with my point and shoot on one of our walks.

It was our wedding anniversary last Thursday, I was showered with gifts from hubby , he has also ordered me a new camera - a little more sophisticated than this one .

A fluffy white feather ( a loved one near ) - not sure i believe but want to .

To join in with our weekly blog hop , pop over to Julia's blog , where all the details are .


 Keeping away from all the political jokes ( some were very funny) - not that I ever weigh myself . just hoping that when I eventually get my hair cut, my stomach will flatten !!

Have a good week.
love Soojay xxx


  1. This Lockdown Hair has been a real problem, lol!! Happy Anniversary to you both, how lovely to get a new camera, you'll have fun playing with that. I've seen a lot on the desks about Tracey Evans, your artwork is really fab!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  2. Funny comment about the hair Sue. Great baking. The bagels look delicious even if they are a pain to make. Lovely art work too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  3. Your baking looks delicious and I have had such a giggle over your final post. A new camera as a gift is pretty amazing. Your photos are already beautiful so imagine once you can play with a new camera. Stay safe as you create.
    Sandra de @15

  4. I've finished the latest Memory bear so have a little time to pop round my favourite blogs :-)
    Now I know why the scales say I've put on weight! Thanks for the tip off. What amazing baking...I can smell that bread from here :-)
    Annie x #13

  5. I prefer your joke about the flat stomach!
    Wow, you certainly had a day baking - what a lot you achieved and the bread sounds amazing - walnut and cranberry!
    Love your photographs and what a fabulous gift hubby gave you, bet you were over the moon.
    You made a good job of your weekend workshop. I had to give up early on on Sunday but I did try to finish later and now I have removed my man because the 'real' one has arrived and mine looked dreadful. It wasn't my man so much as my wings that were a mess. Might even change mine to a bee as I love my bees.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  6. That has really tickled me about the hair!! Mine is long and thick anyway so definitely more than an extra stone... I ADORE your circular art project! It's awesome! I love all the layers and texture you've acheived. But here we must now fall out... photos of yummy treats are just not on... it makes me hungry... Best wishes, Lisa-Jane (#23)

  7. Super workshop project and love your new page, looks like honey already.
    Thanks for the visit BJ#11

  8. Oh so funny - that must be my weight problem then! That artwork is really lovely - so clever. I love the photos even with a point and shoot the results are special. xx Jo

  9. Hi Soojay, saw your project on FB! Love it, it's really cool. Love the look of the next project. Nothing in the world smells or tastes like fresh home made bread. Laughing at your funny. Have a great week, Stay safe, Hugs, Shaz #17 X

  10. Hi Sue, loving the new project Tracy is a great teacher. I fear that if you keep doing all that gorgeous baking you may have a shock on the scales Lol! Hope you enjoy playing with your new camera when it arrives. Wishing you a lovely creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

  11. Hello, friend!! Thanks for stopping by. I too was late to post but the time difference is not in my favor. Your project is so cool. I love all the details. Well, well, well, you had a fabulous bakind day. My son loves bagels, were they hard to make? I might have to try. I definitely like the sound of the bread with nuts and cranberries. What a lovely walk you had. I love close ups of flowers. I take a bunch all summer. Can't wait to see what you take with your new camera and congrats on your anniversary. Mine is next month. Stay well my friend and enjoy your crafting time.
    Belinda #34

  12. Wow, fabulous piece of work - I love the colours too, one of my favourite colour combinations. The baking looks amazing and thanks for the giggle at the end!
    Hope you have a good week
    Diana xx #21

  13. Hi again, on FB it's Doug n Shaz Brooks, and I am in Tracys group, along with Neet, and Helen I believe. X

  14. Hi Sue, I am totally impressed you made bagels. :) ( plus all the other baked goods) Ooh enjoy your new camera, it looks like a peaceful place to go walking. ~Stacy #32

  15. Hi Soojay. I just love your finally!! Daren't get onto my scales - the hair must weigh incredibly! Well done with all the baking. I don't think I have ever made bagels - but yes, they do look faffy. Glad the youngsters liked them, though. Great art piece - have fun with the paper on the desk.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  16. Happy anniversary for last week, Sue! Thank you for visiting - it must have been hard for you in your early married life, marrying into the forces (unless you'd been brought up in a forces family) because you are never in one place for long, and don't have any choice where you have to go. It's an added pressure when you're dealing with all the new things in married life anyway! However, congratulations - you've certainly made the grade! I was wondering how my hubby and I would get on when we were thrown so much together during the lockdown but it's been one of the most special times, with no stress on my hubby's part - I told him today how lovely it's been, seeing so much of the "real" him instead of the stressed out version! He shouldn't be stressed now he's retired, but he tends to get very driven and takes on too much all the time.

    I love the funny at the end of your post!! Hahaha!! Brilliant. Apparently there's a new hair fashion as a result of nobody being able to get to a hairdresser's - it's called Lockdown Chic. I like that, because it's been my style for years! Can't remember the last time I went to a hairdresser's! The salons are going to be rushed off their feet when the lockdown ends.

    I love your white feather photo. I hadn't heard that before, about it being symbolic of a loved one close by, until our neighbour told me - she collects them when she's out and about and always thinks of her late hubby, so I do the same and give them to her. She is always very touched.

    Your baking is awesome!! Making my mouth water! I love bread making but I've never tried bagels - certainly a lot of faff if you've got to steam them. I bet they went down a treat with the kids.

    Your art piece is just gorgeous. Several people seem to be working with grey this week and for several months now I've been drawn to it. I love it with the soft shade of yellow too. Your first piece with the honeycomb texture is fabulous. Actually this whole post was fabulous and I loved reading it all!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #22

  17. Thank you for your visit and you lovely comment.

    Great project there , great work, all that bread looks lovely I make gluten free bread but its not always a success

    Take care and stay safe,

    Lilian b #10

  18. The baking looks lovely and yummy, but that art piece is stunning! Sorry for running late this week, stay safe. with love & God Bless, Caro xx (#4)


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