Yayy I was prepared this week - don't expect it to last though . Ha got the post ready and even posted but forgot to link ha ha!
 I have to admit that I wasn't feeling the UFO thing , I know I have loads . I started colouring some new bird stamps LH corner ( soon to become a UFO no doubt!) and a folder with "bits" caught my eye - I had a rummage and found the prima dolls in various stagesof completion. I WILL finish them all by new week and i have worked on them Tuesday evening .

 I started to put another together and decorate a tag - next week all three will be done.

 I finally got Dan to do some re potting . This is a rare photo of him in sunlight - proving that he is not a vampire - even though he hates the sun ( How is he mine!) and likes to sleep during the day. 
He even washed his dads car after this.

 Hubby and I one one of our morning walks- he is high risk due to the meds he is on knocking out his immune system - we are so lucky to live in a tiny town in the country , so can go out and not see many people- no one on this walk.

Green is my fav colour 

If you would like to join in with the Blog hop, pop over to Julia's Blog where all the details are.

And finally 

Image may contain: text that says "Let's play a quarantine game: someone leave a bottle of wine on my doorstep, and I'll try to guess who it was! The Laugh Club 0VV"

I quite like the sound of this game!

This week is mental heath awareness week - there has never been a more important time to look after our mental health and be kind to each other.

Stay safe and take care 


  1. Hi Sue. It's lovely to see you and your hubby out and about. I quite fancy the quarantine game too :-)
    Thanks for your love and friendship over the last 11 years.
    Annie x #11

  2. Lots going on here then, love the girls. Super photo of you and DH, make the most of it as I wish we could go somewhere nice to sit let alone walk!!! I'm not complaining, I have lived here in the big city all my life, used to seeing houses and traffic outside my windows.
    Love the game!
    Take care and stay safe
    Happy Anniversary
    Christine #31

  3. So glad you can get out and about safely Sue. i think the nocturnal attribute is a boy thing. Although my youngest does have an excuse as he currently works nights in a care home and is rarely seen during the day either. Love the finished tag and look forward to seeing the others when they are done too. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #15.

  4. Lovely tags and I love the little colourful birds down in the corner - nearly missed them! Great photo of you and hubby and how lucky you are to have that wonderful countryside to enjoy.
    Have a great week and Happy WOYWW Anniversary,
    Diana xx #28

  5. Morning Soojay. Happy 11th anniversary. Well done on the bits you have been doing - I like the girl! Good photos of you all doing bits and going out walking. It has been so lovely to get out and feel the sun on our skin, hasn't it? Great place to walk - so few others around! It's going to be such a shock to our systems when all this is over and suddenly we can be natural with others!
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  6. I believe it is going to be some great cards!!! What a nature that is surrounding you, wow.. I have only asphalt streets ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW Anniversary
    Mariane #25

  7. Hi Sue, sorry to hear that your hubby is poorly, but so glad he's able to get out and about with you without risk, being immunocompromised. Perhaps social distancing has its benefits apart from not catching the dreaded virus!! I love your dolly tags and the bright wee birdies too, and the brilliant funny at the end - that is a good game lol! Thank you for visiting, and I'm definitely a butterfly brain lol! I wonder if I will ever finish all those UFOs but getting them out to photograph them has inspired me at last to make some inroads into them, and I've brought more clutter downstairs so I can work on them from the comfort of the recliner. I am glad you like my pantry and the new labels. The pantry came about by a happy accident. We had an old-fashioned cupboard in that corner which I asked the kitchen fitter to leave because it was an original feature of the house, but it proved an absolute pain because it was hard to reach to the back of the deep shelves and I never knew what I had in there. Then we discovered dry rot under the floor and the whole lot had to come out, and I had my beautiful little walk-in pantry made instead - something I always wanted! I am delighted with it - everything is on view and I keep track of things, and it's so easy to use. Coming out twice as far as the old cupboard, so that it is flush with the built-in oven, also makes use of what was dead space. It's win-win all round! For me, there are 3 essential things in a house: a walk-in pantry, an airing cupboard and an en-suite bathroom - and we have all 3!!

    Happy WOYWW 11th anniversary,
    Shoshi x #20

  8. Happy 11th Bloggyversary SooJay! What a great pic of you and hubby, it's brilliant that you get out and be away from the crowds. We're fortunate here in South Wales, we can usually find walks that mean we're anti social, lol! My hubby has to be very careful too. Love the non UFOs - I didn't have any either hence the video!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  9. Oh you are funny with all your UFO's around LOL then starting more.... the fun goes on.........
    Thanks for the visit BJ#13

  10. Hi Soojay, that sounds like a good game, if they'll make it a bottle of gin, lol. Only drink I can't abide is wine, lol. I do like the tags, fab colours, and the Prima dolls are always great. Good you can get out for walks, especially for your hubby. Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #12 X

  11. That is a great pic of you out for your walk. the tags are fab ! I am sure you'll finish something soon! Helen #2

  12. Those prima dolls are great to colour, always loved how they have no faces. They look fab when layered don't they. I think the UFO topic stumped a few, maybe it would have been different if we were not in this stay at home situation but I do hope you make use of those little birds and they don't become a future UFO, they'd look grand on an ATC.
    Happy WoyWW Anniversary & stay safe Tracey #10

  13. Happy 11th Anniversary, Soojay. I loved the little birds you colored. I also liked the prima dolls, too. You found a lot to work on this week. I am sure this has motivated many of us. And it's all Julia's doing, too. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  14. Hi Sue - it was lovely to see you for real in your photo rather than the little avatar (is that what they call them) that I normally see. Sorry to hear your hubby is having to self isolate, I am too but we can do it and to me it doesn't seem much different than normal.
    Great that we meet up most afternoons as well as on here and this coming weekend too (although my stuff has not arrived so what I will do I have not a clue).
    So are you into the Nutting dolls? My friend in America was a great fan of them and she bought lots for her in-house store. I often wonder what happened to them all when she passed.
    Look forward to seeing what you get finished next week.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  15. Hi Sue, great pic of you both. I know I have some of those dolls somewhere so probably more UFOs that need completing though I have no idea when that might be. Love the sound of that game for sure. Thanks for all your kind comments and wishing you a very happy woyww 11th Anniversary. Big hugs, Angela x17x

  16. Happy anniversary Sue and how lovely to see you and your loved ones got out to enjoy the sunshine. Pretty projects on your desk can't choose between the cute birdies or the dolls. Julia has motivate a number of us to get on with a few projects. Yes I would love to play the lockdown game. Stay safe and keep creating. Sandra de @16

  17. Happy 11th WOYWW anniversary, even if I am a day late.
    Those prima dolls are fun, look forward to seeing the finished tags next week, and I like the birdies, hope they don't just end up in a box, ignored.
    Thanks for sharing
    Chris #8

  18. I love the tags you're working on, bright yellows and oranges - perfect! Having a 'vampire son', I know the kind (sort of... my son has a delicate red-hair white skin so he has to be careful or he gets all burned from the son - it's a inheritage of his father's side ánd he has one tooth a bit pointy, sticking out a bit.. I used to call him 'vampire' for that ;) ) It's great to live in the countryside, especially these days isn't it?! I'm glad I live in a small town in the middle of 'country-side' - lots of space to go for a walk without seeing people. Happy anniversary dear one, stay safe! Big hug from Holland. Marit #32

  19. Thank you for your visit to my blog and lovely comment.

    The tag in lovely and love the stamp of the girl, Like you have so man things started and you never know I just might get them all finished one day but not holding my breath for that day.
    Take care and please stay safe xxx

  20. Happy belated WOYWW Anniversary! I have finished my marking so can now comment on blogs. The tags are looking great...and how lovely is the countryside. So special to be able to enjoy it. Take care my friend and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#19)

  21. Happy 11th!
    Glad you are all healthy! The tag is beautiful! I've seen similar little girl images in some of the big box stores. Nice to see personal pics!
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm catching up due to a nasty headache hitting me yesterday, totally recovered now.
    Have a great week!
    Carol N #34

  22. Happy belated 11th WOYWW, Soojay, isn't IT amazing!? 😊 and so grateful to have your friendship through it!
    Some crafting on the way, great idea.. love the birds.. am sure they'll be used. And great area you live in and great pickies..
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X 7

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  23. Mine son is just like yours - he's quite happy not to see daylight at all - he would sleep until 3pm if I let him LOL. Lots of repotting is what I did last week too. We're lucky as well that we live in the country - I would hate to live in a big city now. Enjoy your walks! Thank for your visit and happy anniversary! xx zsuzsa #30

  24. Sorry I’m late! Lovely pics Sue, and I so understand about not feeling the UFO thing. I don’t have stacks of them but like the really useful tubs on my desk, I really need them to speak to me before I can revisit. Love the Prima dolls. I only have one and would like more, but they are rather a time consuming choice aren’t they! If you do get to them, I hope you enjoy the time spent! nice to see your boy in the sun...he’s like my girl, all lily white and night time ish. I don’t get it at all!! Lovely pic of you and DH too, looks like a fab area to walk. If green is your favourite, I would imagine that May has been a delight for you, there must be about a million shades of green out there this month!


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