Joining in this week and the foreseeable future - Eeeek!
I am having to share my desk ( to stop us killing each other!) 
Our school is only open for 4-5 pupils at the moment so I am not needed and working from home. Hubby takes meds that knock out his immune system , Daughter No 3 has Type 1 diabetes and the other two have learning difficulties, so we are proper lock down. I do have to go pick up medications at some point and hopefully getting a food delivery tomorrow (yayy).
 Anyway back to the desk, Hubby has been stressing about not being able to work, so I got him colouring in  :). Daughter no1 usually go to a placement and does lots of activities so we have made a lovely chocolate cake  and today she is in the middle of making some Easter Cards- waiting for their tails to dry.
I am making another mini book but also have loads of things on the go .
If you would like to join in with the desk hop HERE are the details on Julia's blog.
Stay safe and keep on crafting :)

Love Soojay xx


  1. Good luck Soojay. I am due in at school on rota next week, although only 14 of the expected 50 pupils came on Monday. Looks like the sessions are being properly used and not seen as babysitting. Hubby is working from home too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #10

  2. Sounds as if you still have your teacher hat on at home organising them all to stop them going stir crazy. `You must be a darned good teacher getting hubby colouring, cannot imagine me ever getting Chas to do that.
    Love that face you have - is it a stamp or drawn?
    Keep up the good work and stay safe and well
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  3. Looks like you are making the most of this strange old time, Soojay, and keeping them all busy. I love the idea of your hubby colouring.
    Stay safe and well

    Hugs Lisax #25

  4. Hi Soojay. Sounds like your life is absolutely manic - extremely busy. But well done on all the organising of family at this strange and very different time in our lives.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #8

  5. I think blokes like the formality of colouring in, it's a task to be completed, but many wouldn't contemplate doing it. Good for your hubby (and your sanity!). That's great that you've managed to ge the kids to muck in too, hope that lasts!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  6. Hi Soojay, occupying everyone in the house must be really hard work! We too are taking a lot of care, as I have COPD & Emphysema, High Blood Pressure & Type 2 Diabetes, so ticking all the boxes! Plus have no idea how my Immune system has developed after the chemo. At least those of us with issues have been being sensible, unlike all the idiots going out last weekend! Stay safe,Have a good week, Huge hugs, Shaz #1 X

  7. Sounds like you've got everybody well occupied, sounds like more work than taking a class of thirty lol! However it's lovely to see you all sharing the same space so well done you. Sending you best wishes for a happy and creative woyww, Angela x3x

  8. I think we all have a lot to adapt to at the mo but we will get there for sure. At least us crafters have plenty of stash to dip into to keep us occupied.
    Stay safe and keep crafting.
    Annie x #15

  9. I can't imagine having children at home with me right now. I'm so used to being on my own and being alone so I'm good to self isolate. Hope you guys stay well!
    Glenda #17

  10. Wow, Soojay sounds like you may have it tough till you get into your routine. I hope your hubby enjoys his colouring ! take care and stay safe. Helen #5

  11. It sounds like you are doing a great job of keeping your family occupied and happy - colouring, cake and cards - what more could anyone want!
    I hope you have a good week, stay safe and well and keep crafting,
    Diana xx #22

  12. I am working remotely from home but there’s only so much I can do without all my files & equipment. It’s good though. Just trying to respect the Shelter in Place orders that are in my county. Great looking desk today! Thanks for your earlier visit. Have a great week and take care. Dorlene #32

  13. Hi Soojay, love your desk - those little journal pages are lovely - have they been cut with a die? Good to get hubby doing some 'mindful' colouring to get his mind off things. Good luck with the shopping delivery - I think the big guys are getting it together now, I am sure if they had had more warning (and people hadn't panicked) everything would have been fine. A stressful time with your families health issues - hoping you all stay safe and well. Happy WOYWW Cindy #23

  14. Hi Soojay
    Gosh what a kind and generous soul you are to be sharing your workdesk (even with family)! I'm already begrudging the space I've had to give over to work laptop, phone and files - and it's only me that's doing the encroaching! It looks remarkably tidy and well-ordered considering that 3 people are all getting a break from the stress and worry with some creative activities - I take my hat off to you all!
    Enjoy the chocolate cake (yum!) and continue to stay safe and well.
    Amelia #36

  15. Well done for organising your brood at home. Truly cannot imagine my DH even attempting to colour in..... and it would be such a soothing activity. Your mini book is coming along a treat. Stay safe, keep crafting and keep giving them jobs.
    Sandra de @6

  16. Golly Miss S, you’re busier then ever! Coming up with different things for different people is amazing, I think getting a slightly jittery husband to join in with some colouring was a genius idea...they have no idea how therapeutic our crafts are, and sitting with the two of you and enjoying your mutual crafty company must have been great for you all. I think the teachers are a bit unacknowledged thus far, and I would like to take my hat off to you for stepping in. Stay well, and sane!!

  17. Sorry you've got so many health issues in the family to deal with during the lockdown, Sue. Well done, holding the fort so well! As for the desk, I am not sure I could share mine with even one person (esp. not my hubby!) let alone two! Nice to see that your hubby is doing some colouring, though.

    Keep safe and well, all of you, and happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35

  18. Hoping you all have a great weekend. This is the second Friday night at home, nothing is open ! We usually go out for supper and pick up a few groceries. But food service is at home now and we have no complaints. Just the 2 of us, keeping up with family with online chats etc. I really love all the cards you have on the desk. And happy to see others interested in crafting in your family. We are way over due for nice weather, coming Monday. It's been damp/rainy/gloomy/foggy for so long, no green grass, or flowers like the U K girls are posting. Blessings to you and yours, Stay Safe and Best Wishes.

  19. Really sorry for the late reply ... I know we are all struggling right now and all my good intentions to make prompt replies went clean out of the window! Good luck managing your changes to family life ... luckily Phil retired six years ago so I am well used to having him under my feet! Take lots of care, love Debbie xXx

  20. Hi Sue, how lovely to see you all coming together & being creative, it sure does help shorten down the hours each day, a time to share our hobbies & reconnect with each other. Love that Marlene face, being a lover of anything with a face it drew my eyes immediately. Look forward to seeing more from you & your crafty family very soon. Take care & stay Safe Tracey #19 x


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