Keeping Busy

 I have to say , although I have got loads done, craft wise- the house is still messy. I really should take time to tidy and sort out my craft room/office. I have loads of filing to do.

 I have been making another mini book with the "Art By Marlene" dies , rubber stamps and dic cuts.

 The butterfly is hiding a badly stamped quote - opps.

 I am embracing "random" and just going for pretty colours- nothing needs to make sense.

 ILOVE this stamped quote.

 Lots of water colouring in .
 I just need to make the cover now.

I found an unopened Rowandean kit from years and I mean YEARS!! ago . I guess I got busy . I wanted something to do curled up on the sofa and I am a table top paper crafter , so this is just right - might need to fine my hoop so it doesn't pull .
Trying hard not to watch the news but keep up to date with everything. Only been into the local town once in the past week and trying hard not to go out except for the back garden.

Back Soon
Stay in if you can and stay safe


  1. It's gorgeous Soo. Hope you are keeping safe with your tribe. Miss you xxx


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