Lifebook 2020 first class

I am still on holiday from school ( return tomorrow) so not sure how easy it will be to keep up with classes- i may save some for half term etc. I am sure there will also be a few that I may not find so easy or enjoyable to do but it is a learning experience anyway.

Here is the first class from Tam:

 Tam's classes are so easy to follow - i followed her instructions almost to the letter.

 When I get more confident, I will do more of my own thing. For now I am getting used to using all the different mixed media.

 I LOVE the pastel crayons.

I am happy with my finished piece- It is called "Angels are always with us" . This year marks 30 years since our Darling Cavell died - the heart also represent all the other family and friends we have lost - both sets of parents, my sister, pupils and dear dear friends but it doesn't make me sad.
Details of the book and how to join up with 20% discount are HERE 

I have more school notebooks to make next 

I need to decorate 10 of these and hubby says they should be more gender neutral .

I have some new gemstones to play with too.

Looking forward to creating with these !!

Hopefully back soon with some finished pieces.
Soojay xx


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