Happy 2020 !!

As always, I do intend to post more - hopefully I will make more time for this.
We spent a very quiet Christmas - most of us ill with this horrible head cold that is going about and really difficult to shift. Some of my dear friends have had much worse with stays in hospital over the holiday , so I consider myself very lucky.

My etsy Store is on a break at the moment , while I create more supplies and get more organised. I need to make more sales for it to be viable but I also need to do more to advertise.

I have joined the Lifebook 2020 - all info is here .
I took part in the warm up session this week and am ready start lesson 1. I love that there are no rules and i can do what I want, when I want - the lessons are av forever once purchased.

here is my warm up class.

I really enjoyed playing along with the warm up - getting used to the mediums again and colour.

 journal ling and then hiding it up.

Working out the colours I liked together.

I made mistakes but that's okay. One thing i did learn , is that the gel I used to stick down my collage,
was a glossy gel and I wanted a matt finish, so I now have a matt gel to use on my first class.

Hopefully back soon with more.
Soojay xx


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