I have not joined in for AGES with the WOYWW posts but I got an unexpected day off work today due to the heating not working at school - thankfully there are no pupils in today and hopefully we will have heat tomorrow.
Anyway , back to my poor desk- not a lot happening creatively here. I did just make a pair of earrings with some opals and the ring ( close up below) .
The small black book is to contain all the challenges ( or photos of challenges ) from the 64 million artists ( see last blog post for links) and the larger black one is my 2018 journal - an old Filofax that I have printed out new pages for .
The paperwork to the LHS is to be completed on behalf of my daughter asap. She has learning difficulties and needs lots of support so i was totally amazed that I have been able to get her a very small job at the school where I work cleaning for a couple of hours a night. It is pretty unique as her boss used to be her teaching assistant when she was at school ( a different smaller school ). As I have worked here for over 20 years and helped run play schemes here, Meg knows the place really well and some of the people, although she will not talk to anyone she doesn't know. Her best friend is also working here and they are allowed to work together. They even walk up and back together - its only a 10 min walk. The hours and pay mean that she is not earning enough for it to effect her benefits but it has made SO much difference to her confidence. I am SO happy for her as this time last year she was so depressed. So that is my next task, completing the form and a letter to go with it - not procrastinating at all !!

How proud am I off to work AND smiling( although she did say that it wasn't fair that I am home and she has to go in !)

Here is a close up of the earrings and ring.

Can't promise to join in every week but I WILL try and to be more creative.

Love Soojay xx


  1. It’s so lovely to see you joining in the fun this week. A very happy New Year to you. How wonderful for your daughter....you deserve to be proud.
    Annie x #13

  2. It’s an Andrew James ice cream maker but also has to go in the freezer....it’s not huge though cos it fits in ours no problem.

  3. Happy New Year - hope 2018 is a cracker for you and the family! How wonderful that your daughter has got this job - it really is worth more than the money, isn't it? Who knows what that extra confidence will do?! And yay for unexpected days off school, I remember that feeling so well, was like a dog with six tails!! Hope it's not too bad when you do go back and I sincerely hope you avoid the germs :-D
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  4. Fab earrings and ring.

    Well done your daughter. Glad she's enjoying it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #18

  5. Thanks for your visit earlier, UK Stampers is on Facebook if you want to join in.
    Please give your daughter a big hug of congratulations from me, the start of a working life is always a big step but bravo.

  6. Happy New Year Soojay. Lovely ear rings and ring - well done. So leased for your daughter to get that job - trusting it all works out well for her. Congratulations Megan!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  7. Congratulations to your daughter! There's nothing like having something purposeful to wake up for, and able to be with her friend is a bonus! Hopefully you will be able to get some crafting done today while it is so cold outside! The earrings and ring are gorgeous! Have a wonderful 2018! Lindart #28

  8. good for your daughter! great to see you here. Helen #3

  9. Hi Sue, ooh your dd looks so happy and pretty in this shot YAY for both of you and the earrings look beautiful too. :) ~Stacy #27

  10. Your daughter looks just like you - in fact, I couldn't tell whether that was you or your daughter, but I kinda figured it must be your daughter. Great that she can walk and work with her best friend - that must make it a lot easier for her. It's so nice that you've been able to join WOYWW - hope to see more of you in 2018! Best wishes zsuzsa #19

  11. Well done to your daughter. Love the ring and earrings. Have a good week.
    Ellie #24

  12. Hi Sue, what a sweet face your daughter has. Sorry to hear the school is shut today, I'm sure you are greatly upset Lol! at having an extra holiday! Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and a very Happy and creative New Year, Angela x15x

  13. That is wonderful news about your daughter (btw she is so like you). Hope she enjoys the work and sticks at it. Great that her confidence has been boosted.
    Also your jewellery is wonderful - love those ear rings and am a ring person so all good.
    Happy New Year, Neet 2 xx

  14. Brilliant news about Meg, Sue. I was thrilled to hear that her confidence has been boosted already. Oh wow...I love those earrings and the very unique ring. I've not been able to do too much crafting since I got my new kitten. He's half Siamese and has their trait of always wanting to be close to his human, so he's either attacking my pc screen, sitting on the keyboard or carrying off my crafting stuff when he's awake...and when he's tired he climbs onto my arm to curly up at my elbow...am I the only person to wish for a kitten to grow up a bit lol!! So, my worktop right now looks like a whirlwind has just blown through :).

  15. Lovely to see you! Gorgeous jewellery, but not as gorgeous as your Gal, just love to read such positives. And I agree, no fair that she works and you stay home!!!

  16. Some great news regarding your daughter, though I did laugh at the thought of her having to go in but not you due to the weather!! Oh I used to LOVE snow days at school, waiting for the local radio to see if our school was closed!
    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    Kyla #4


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