I have signed up for the 64 million artist challenge - to create something every day in January ( I hope to continue though out the year) . It only take 5- 10 mins a day and you don't have to be brilliant.
If you want to sign up Here is the link to the website and  Here  is the face book page .

There have been two challenges so far - the first to create an aware for yourself for the end of 2018.
Here is mine 

 There are NO rules and any medium is allowed - I have one or two (ha ha) note books about , so I am popping mine into one- if I need to make something physical, I will photograph it and pop it in.

The second challenge was top draw five faces in five mins.

Not great ha ha but that's okay.

Anyway, I hope you will join in as is it fun and quick.

Back soon 
Soojay xxx


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