A Gift

 My Hubby and son are off to Rugby this weekend. They go at least once or twice a year and have made some really good friends. They were even invited to the wedding of a couple last year. This year they are meeting up again and the couple bought hubby a rugby shirt when they were in Australia earlier in the year. He asked me to make something to say thank you and as he had the friends gift sorted, I made one for the wife. Her birthstone is the beautiful Peridot, so it was really easy to make the earrings and bracelet.

 I made a little gift bag  to pop it in .

 As it is Easter, I will pop some tiny eggs in with the tissue paper.

The girls and I are looking forward to a quiet Easter 😉😉

Back soon xx

Soojay xxx


  1. Hi, Sue,
    What a stunning gift set. That would be something I would be proud to own and wear. You are so talented...it's quite annoying lol. The tag to go with is beautiful as well. Well done you😊
    Bejay xx

  2. This is stunning..what a thoughtful gift! Absolutely beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful gift, I am sure it will be well received.


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