I opened my Etsy shop about a year ago to sell some of the jewellery I make - only really so I can buy more beads of course. I am aware that I am really new, have a lot to learn and have only recently made a few sales. That's all fine as it is a bit of fun really.
I did ask customers to review the jewellery that I sold and occasionally will pop in a free gift for incentive to do this ( maybe a pair of earrings to match a bracelet) . I was SO thrilled a couple of weeks ago to get three sales in one week- Wow! 
I got two reviews back too :). 
The one that wasn't SO good (three out of five stars) is the reason for this post. I AM learning and was surprised that the review was about the Packaging and not the product. I hadn't given the packaging that much thought I guess, which is daft as I love paper craft. I was more interested in getting it to the customer as quickly and cheaply as possible.
Now comes the dilemma- do I spend lots of time on the packaging, making pretty decorated boxes or velvet bags which could make it more bulky AND more expensive to send? Nope - I still want to get it out ASAP and I don't want to add loads to the price. 

 I have been making pillow boxes as these are lightweight and will still fit in the padded envies.

Originally , I had sent my jewellery out wrapped in tissue paper and padded envelopes. I will still wrap in tissue and maybe try to make each box different and add a "Thank You" tag.

What are your thoughts any better ideas?
Back soon.

Soojay xx


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