So, I bought this contraption - it's a paracord jig.

 Who even knew thay existed?! ha ha. 

 With a few lengths of paracord ( yes the stuff they use in parachutes and mountain rescue), some buckles and some basic macrame, I was able to make these bracelets.

 By watching a DVD, I was able to learn how to finish it off and "Splice" two colours together.

 Cool eh?

One for Hubby, son and daughter no 2.
Want one ? let me know - will be £4.50 each.

Back soon.

Soojay xx


  1. Wow, I had no idea you could get a jig, I really struggled when I made a collar for my dog. What a clever device. What colour cords do you have?
    Bejay xx

    1. I bought it from the jewellery maker TV chanel Beejay. I have black, blue, silver , white , pink and camoflauge.


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