On The Mend

 The shingles is almost gone now and the pain is SO much better- I can sleep ! :)
Anyway - yesterday, while trying to keep warm, waiting for blue flame to fix the boiler , i made this multi coloured Sapphire necklace.

 I never knew that Sapphires could come in so many colours - these are all natural too! Wow.

 Quickly made these this morning- I bought SO many stones in the pre Christmas sales that I thought I really aught to use some. The top is red tigers eye.The middle is coloured Agate and quartz. The bottom is Fluorite.

 The memory wire bracelet is made from Fluorite nuggets, silver beads and fresh water pearls.
I love memory wire as it fits all sizes.

My table is already a mess so need to tidy up and hopefully do some paper craft ( along with laundry) later.

Soojay xx


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
    Boiler problems during this weather can't have been fun - hope all is now sorted.
    A beautiful collection of makes Sue; very pretty.
    Toni xx


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