On making these now- I am still learning though and this was a little tight in the end . I also want to be able to finish it off a little differently and need to get some suede to have a go.

Still quite happy with the finished bracelet although reading the pattern took a lot longer than the other one AND the beads were a lot smaller too , so it took a few hours longer to make. I like the pastel colours.

Soojay xxx


  1. This is so pretty. The colours are beautiful Sue.
    It seems like you are really enjoying this new craft.
    Toni xx

  2. So pretty, love the subtle colours. x

  3. Hi Sue, you're doing so well...I'm proud of you :) I tend to do bead weaving by hand when I make my jewellery but think I really do NEED to get a new loom...okay, I really want rather than need lol.
    Bejay x

  4. lovely - I have a bead loom and I have never dared to try it! Will have to look up that tutorial :-)


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