Sorry not many posts recently- not as much time to play as i would like!
I am now on holiday till the 4th Jan so have a little time ( when not preparing for the big day or being a taxi).
I have been catching up with my " Journal Your Christmas" album. I was SO lucky to get to see "Harry Potter" world on 4th Dec on a school trip - a really magical day.

 I placed mt first Waitrose order on line and got £30 off as well as free delivery- Christmas crackers ( a few other items worked out free) .

 We had a great evening at Brome Grange on 12th for our "staff do"- a Saturday this year , so a lay in the next day.

 We did manage to get up in time for a breakfast at the local garden genre and we picked out a new Christmas tree. I Love the weird photo I found after taking some photos of the tree.

So far I have managed to have three Cinnamon lattes two from Costa and one from Starbucks- not bad considering how far away we live from Ipswich or Norwich.

Hoping to be back soon with more updates.

Soojay xxx


  1. That is such a beautiful journal :-)

  2. Your journal is looking wonderful Sue.
    Toni xx

  3. Hi Sue, the journal is looking great! If I made one it would be very boring lol. Well done with the Waitrose delivery...they are meant to be building one just across the road from where I live but it was due to open this spring...so far only the park and rise is in operation and there is talk that they have decided not to come after all. Not too sure what will happen if it's true as the land belongs to Prince Charles and I can't see him allowing Asda or Morrison's opening lol. Try not to rush around too much for the rest of the week and enjoy Christmas Day with the family :)
    Bejay x

  4. Your journal is looking great Sue. Well done with the Waitrose shopping. We all enjoy a bargain. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Barbxx


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