Graphic 45 Time to ...

 Celebrate! well it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and hubby said order stuff craft stuff ( He knows I would rather get it myself) So , I went to Joanna Sheen's site and ordered "Time to Celebrate" I was so excited when it arrived BUT, I had meant to order "Time To Flourish" !

 I showed hubby and told him what I had does - He thought it was a very clever way to get two packs of Graphic 45 papers .

 The "time to flourish" arrived this week and is GORGEOUS!! 

So, i thought I ought to use up some of this paper :/

Soojay xx


  1. This is lovely Sue. Had to chuckle at your mistake - enjoy both your sets of G45.
    I have just bought some of the Time to Flourish - isn't it fabulous.
    Toni xx


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