Craft Barn Quotes and Lyrics Challenge - No 3

 The words this time are "Strong" and or "Miss"
I chose "Miss" and have used some of the Lyrics from my Fav artist Darren Hayes

 Last week was the second anniversary of my sister passing away and it seemed very apt.
I have been grieving for SO long now it's just part of who I am. 24 yrs ago I went to my very first funeral aged 30 - lucky that I had not lost anyone so close before but it was the funeral of my three year old son. Since then , like most people my age , I have lost quite a few more dear family and friends.
My mum and dad and darling sister included. 
Please dont get me wrong , I am a happy and contented person and I value life so much ... Just sometimes...

 I used acyrilic paint for the background , along with ink splodges . It needed a heart so I used that gorgeous stampendous frantange embossing powder. I also went a little over the top with liquid pearls dots.

 The lyrics.

I also used a memory box stencil along the edge and a little glitter 
Hopefully the link below with take you to Darren Hayes's "miss you" you tube :)

Soojay xx


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your loved ones. To lose your three year old son-well it breaks my heart just to think of it xx

  2. The words in this song say it all, love your layout, stay strong x

  3. Such a sad but beautiful post. I love the little pearls for the tears.

  4. Visiting from The Craft Barn - A very beautiful tribute, with words that will touch the hearts of all those of us who have lost......:o)

  5. Your page has a certain serenity to it, I have tears in my eyes reading your story, because losing your son is just not wright and so sad,you must be a very stong lady.

  6. Wow.....just are certainly an amazing lady Sue, both creatively and in the strength you possess. This is truly a beautiful tribute xxx

  7. Definitely a page from your heart, it is a beautiful tribute to all those who are no longer with us. Stay STRONG :-) xxx

  8. Beautiful page - love the bling and glitter!

  9. A lovely quote and a very beautiful page. By the way there is no such thing as going overboard with bling or liquid pearls. Lol.

  10. Beautiful page, fabulous lyrics.

    Sylv xx

    1. What an incredible page and a truly lovely back story. My heart goes out to you, because you have truly brought these lyrics to life for me.

  11. Love the color background and the cute heart. Fantastic page.


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