A Bit of Tidying and Recycling

I unfortunately do not have a big house and our dinning room/office is where i keep all my craft supplies.I can't remember the last time the dinning table was used to sit at to eat :(
I can only dream of a separate dinning room/craft room . 
Anyway, I am , like everyone , continually trying to tidy and organize my supplies.
With hubby still recovering from his op, funds are a bit tight , so a little recycling is in order.

I have been storing my copic pens in little totes ( £1.99) but i wanted them stored so I can reach them and see them better. The clear boxes are glued together one on top of the other and are recycled detergent boxes like this one

 I need to save a couple more to separate the yellow and pink pens - so much cheaper than those gorgeous custom made boxes.

Next up my stickles and liquid pearls. I use these a lot - in fact probably on every project! They need to be stored upside down so I don't spend ages shaking the glue to the bottom.
I Love some of those swirly organizers  but again - too expensive for me :(

 I already had this sturdy large clip board but I did splash out on some sticky Velcro (£4 from Tesco)  and cut it so that half is on the board and half on the actual bottle - yes i do have a few more ;) AND need to do one for my liquid pearls .

How do you store yours?

Soojay xx


  1. Love the stickles storage! I so far keep mine upside down in a box in a drawer, but when I close the drawer they fall over. some I've blue tacked down.. but its' a pain!! Might have to see what I can find :D

  2. Fab ideas Soo, waste not want not is my motto :)

  3. Wow, what great ideas! I really really like the stickles storage. I have mine upright and spend forever trying to get the stuff out:) Thanks for such a great share:)

  4. Love the clipboard idea Sue - all your bottles on display and easily to hand.

    Toni xx


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