Seeing Stars

 Even though I have almost come to the end of Christmas Card Making ( not quite though as i have some elements to make up - they can be sent next year !). I can't NOT make stuff especially when I am off work.

 I bought some Crane Origami papers and have been playing at star making :)
This is a GREAT site for buying these papers .

I need to get some strips for the cute "Lucky stars" as the paper I have used is a bit too thick but you get the idea.

Soojay xx


  1. What a lovely collection of stars - love the 'crane paper' ones.

    Have a lovely Christmas and wishing you a fabulous New Year.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh Sue, HOW clever are YOU! These look so fiddly, I just wouldn't have the patience.

  3. Beautiful creations... I used to make those mini starts at school out of the really plasticy ribbon - used to keep us busy :) Have a super Christmas.


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