True Stories - Prompt 3

This prompt was called Rinse and repeat.
The idea was to use a daily routine or things to do or say over and over. I did write down my morning routine- the school morning one. This is now down to a fine art :) It is a bit boring to do though ( well for me) I thought about my favorite song lyrics - most have been used in the past. Although i COULD probably easily do a page for each of Darren Hayes songs AND there will be a new album out soon!
I ended up writing a list of all the sayings mum used to say : Some were scary and I would never use them ( not when MY children would take them literally anyway!).
The one I remember when I was just starting school was that if you swallowed a pip a tree would grow inside you. I learned the truth about this the hard way. On one of my first days at school i did indeed swallow a prune pip (prunes seemed to be on the menu daily) ..I was terrified and ran to the nearest dinner lady asking her to call an ambulance QUICK! Of course when i told her what i had done, she laughed ( Not appropriate so I thought ) and explained how it would remove itself from my body. I was not happy with mum at the time.
One of her phrases that i DO use...probably daily at home and at school is the title of my layout. I got the children to pose for this - surprisingly they did!
If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

My dear husband pointed out that the words are wrong and "say" should not be at the top. He doesn't understand about squeezing words into a page.

I finally got to use my Tim Holtz embossing folders!

The stickles WAS thicker on this swirl but i managed to lean on it ...hope it washes out of my clothes!

Soojay xx


  1. Nice layout - I really like those embossed photo mats.

  2. Fantastic idea for this prompt. Wonder if your children will follow with saying that to their children?

    Hope the glitter comes out x

  3. It's brilliant, they're like the wise monkeys ;) xXx

  4. I love your layout and the words make sense to me! LOL! Good job!


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