Well it's been a while!

 My posts seem to be getting very sporadic - sorry.

Loved the Summer hols, we went to visit family in Liverpool ( post on my personal blog) 

Shortly after we came home, hubby came down with Covid and a week later so did I! Not easy both isolating from each other and our three adult children in a small house - but we did it and no one else suffered. ...sigh. Thankfully we had all had our two vaccines otherwise it would have been so much worse. During that time, I did nothing creative ( maybe buy supplies :)).


I made this yesterday and am half way though another necklace. 

Just a couple of the multitude of supplies i have recently bought while convalescing - opps. I may have also bought a couple of Tim Holtz dies and every one of the mica sprays. 

I thought this would make lovely decorations or a garland with lights.

I have loads of ideas and best of all , found out that the ATDML retreat is going ahead which is just the best news!!

Back soon ( hopefully)
Soojay xx


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