Wow- Three months!!


I can't believe its been so long since I last posted!! I have been busy and making loads of jewellery , first for a faire in July that got cancelled and also for one in November ( fingers crossed). I have made a few cards as well . 

Work has been incredibly busy, instead of working in " inclusion " covering all behaviours with two of us, it is now a separate "silent working" room and well being room and office with us both taking turns to look after . It does work better but it means working in two separate parts of the school  at opposite ends and working alone, so not so much fun and in times where we are encouraged to be distance from each other, a bit lonely. Happy to say - its the Summer Hols now so a bit of a break. 

Hubby was made redundant last month and is currently applying for jobs - hopefully working less hours.

I have these lovelies to play with and a few things from the Tim Holtz new release and Aall and create. Ohh and ATDML have a cyber crop next weekend - definitely something to look forward too!.
Back soon.
I promise!
Soojay xx 


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