Time is running away

I have to go back to work on Sept 2nd - I can't say I am looking forward to it - Not because of Covid , although I am concerned, but because there are lots of alterations in the school and once again my job is changing. I started off ( after being and SEN LSA) as the inclusion center assistant , mostly managing behaviour and dealing with all the key stage 3/4 memos. Over the last ten years the behaviour has improved considerably and there are many other things I do - Last year my boss and I were separated into different rooms ( we obviously had too much fun)  and we now work alone mostly.  The office I used has been knocked down and the counselling rooms along with it to make way for another classroom. Eventually I will be working in two different areas of the school along with two others, counselling, managing behaviour , dealing with memos , etc etc etc. But for the time being there is no where available , so not sure how it is going to work. To be fair, I am not paid enough to worry about it. Roll on retirement !!!

I took a few photos of some of the plants in the garden - the Tomatoes and Black eyed Susan's were grown from seeds.

I am quite pleased with them.

Natalie loves pansies - she says that they have little faces on them.

I have been creating pieces of jewelry for my Etsy store. A few bracelets,

a couple of necklaces,

today I am making earrings. 
I am going to try and get as much as I can out of the next week.

Back soon
Soojay xx


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