My desk is very messy at the moment . There are lots of half finished bits and experiments scattered over it . This is a few bits of jewellery making shoved right up in the top left corner but I have not made much jewellery for a week or two.


As you possibly already know, I adore Jane Davenport and Tamara Laporte. While stalking these too , I came across Tam's "Life Book" classes. There is a new one staring in Jan ( they have been running for a few years now) and I signed up ! :) 
I took part in the life book summit and managed quite a few of the classes, i have a few more to do and some half done. What a wonderful introduction to mixed media, great if you are busy and cannot get to classes or demos.
The top piece is a warm up and i really enjoyed playing with all sorts of supplies. 

 Sorry for the grainy picture - trust me , I look better this way !So my hair is now streaked pink - thankfully it is much paler now .

 More from the summit .

 Getting more and more out of comfort zone ( the crow in the back of the painting seems to have a weight problem!)

The last is a bookmark .
They may not be brilliant but I had such fun playing.
Back soon
Sue xx


  1. What fab artwork. You've been very busy.
    Annie x #9

  2. Hi Sue. Wow. Hope you really enjoy all the course - you are already having great fun.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #8

  3. Ooo so pretty. I love all the beauties you have created. I especially love the bookmark. I am a big believer in online craft courses. I have taken quite a bit from Jennifer McGuire. She gets really amazing talented crafters to help teach the classes and like you said, the self-paced works well with busy schedules and more importantly, professional procrastinators!! Have a blessed day.
    Belinda #25

  4. Lovely art work and they are works of art here. Just amazing how talented you are. I love your hair, I threatened purple through mine as I'm fast approaching 70!

  5. You’re too modest, they are brilliant! How nice to stumble upon something that you’ve enjoyed so much, no wonder the jewellery has been pushed back a bit!

  6. These are wonderful; pieces of art and your desk is full of inspiration. Enjoy your class with Tam, I think she is amazing.

  7. I love your artwork! And your hair is very pretty! Nice busy desk!
    Thanks for popping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #5

  8. Great work, it's gorgeous - as is your hair. Mine is being re-reded (not that that is a proper word) tomorrow. enjoy the rest of the class. Helen #1

  9. Stunning work Sue, two great artists to be inspired by. I was gifted Lifebook 2019 for Christmas last year but I have to say I have not had time to play along just watch the video's when a spare moment came about.. but they are there for future reference when time allows. Enjoy and be inspired.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #6

  10. How wonderful that you discovered this artist and that it's inspired you so much - your work is really gorgeous, love the bright colours - makes a great impact.
    Love your pink hair too, it really suits you!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  11. Great art work, loving your hair colour too. Hope you've had a very happy woyww, Angela x11x

  12. WOW..way to to. Such beautiful pieces. I love it when someone pursues a talent, beyond . And I like your hair ! Enjoy all the possiblities and have a fun week.

  13. How wonderful to explore all different mediums to express your creatively talents. Love all the beautiful paintings.
    sandra de @16

  14. Wow, all your pieces of work are fabulous - of course I was drawn to the butterflies one immediately, but they are all beautiful and striking (and the owl is just sooooo cute!). How great that you've found such inspiring artists, and that you get so much out of the courses - I hope you enjoy the January one - something to look forward to after the excitement of Christmas!
    I love the hair, it really suits you.
    Happy WOYWW,
    Hugs, Diana xx #17

  15. Fab art work Sue! Love the hair! Thanks for visiting. Oh and enjoy your weekend!
    Sorry re late reply. Emergency call out to elderly Auntie last night ( mum's sister - she is 94 years old)
    Anne X 2

  16. Love what you have been doing. I adore looking at portraits and these are so good. I can see the influence of Tamara in some of them but they are still your own. I once signed up for two of her online workshops and forgot about them, then when I remembered - I could not find them anywhere. That is why I don't - or daren't - join in again.
    Love them all but the bookmark is oh so special - great hair!
    Hugs, neet 3 xx


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