Trying to take control and organise

 Things have been getting out of hand recently- TOO much stuff. The problem is that I don't want to limit myself to one craft - I want it all!! ha ha.
I bought a new table that is half the size but can be extended.

 I have made a start and my scrapbook paper is much more organised.

 The gems and bead organisation is a work in progress - but looking a bit better.

 Hummmmmm - Some of this is going to have to go. I have a half filled skip in the driveway.

Smaller desk and small A4 filing cabinets and 5 bin bags of shredding ( when you have three children with additional needs - you have quite a bit of paper work ) All the school statements and IEP's etc etc now gone.
I have dropped a day at work and now have Monday's free(ish). Apart from continuing to sort this mess out, the idea is that I will actually have time to create more.
Will be back Soon - Hopefully with more pics and less mess!!
Soojay xx


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