Is it worth it??

We shall see!! 
I am talking about turning what started out as a hobby , into a business. I am learning the hard way!! I will not bore you with all the details but I do have a way to go before I actually am in profit.And who knew that employing an accountant would be the biggest cost ( after the stock). At least I know all is above board and I MAY even get some of my tax back - not holding my breath though.
I do get a really big thrill when an item is sold. 
Anyway the new post is to showcase some newer items in my stores - yes Stores plural.
As well as the etsy store ( link in side bar), I opened a NuMonday store this weekend. Both have different items in them and both stores have free UK shipping up to Christmas.
Below are a few new items
 Hand knotted Garnet Bracelet ( Av in the Etsy Store)

 Sterling Silver Multi Gem Large Hoop earrings ( Etsy Store)

 Rose Quartz and sterling silver stretchy Bracelet ( NuMonday store)

Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver pendant ( NuMonday store)

There's not much in the new store yet but do keep checking back  link: Soojay

Back soon
Soojay xx


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