My Current Project

 Oppps once again , it has been AGES since I last posted. Sorry , life is just SO busy and not by choice either. Not done any paper crafting since I last posted but although i am not willing to get rid of any of my supplies, I have to say that the jewellery making is full filling my creativity right now.
I still have hundreds of ideas going around in my head. 
Making a double row Pearl and Turquoise necklace .
I wish I could afford to buy more turquoise but it is quite expensive at the moment unless you buy reconstitute.
Here are a few facts about this gorgeous stone : CLICK HERE 
A few more facts and the healing properties : HERE

 If you know me well, you may know that I adore pearls and so obviously needed to use them with the turquoise.
 Pearls are June's birthstone. Here are a few facts about these beautiful organics : HERE
I am about half way through making this necklace, rosary linked with gold plated wire.
Hubby says my "work place" should have warning signs around it as it is dangerous. I have no idea what he is talking about!! I promise I do start off quite tidy and organised but it doesn't take long before chaos endues and I alone know what is going on here.
Off to tidy up a bit ( I MAY even do a photo of the "after" but don't hold your breath).
Back soon
Soojay xx


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