Retreat, Half term and a bad back.

Firstly , I would like to thank all who shared my competition on Face book - The winner was Lucy and she has received her necklace. I was hoping that all the sharing would direct people to my Etsy store but it didn't happen - so lesson learn ed. Onwards.
Secondly, like almost every other person I know, I have had a cough for flippin weeks ( gone now thankfully), I must have weakened my back because over half term, I managed to have two nasty muscle spasms- I can honestly say that the pain was on par with gall stones and childbirth. Very scared to move too. After numerous calls to the GP , I was eventually given the right meds to help with the pain or as well as missing all the other great things I had planned over the break, I would have also missed the ATDML retreat. Although not 100%, I still managed to join in some of the classes and have a good time , thanks to wonderful friends. Anyway I have so much more sympathy for anyone suffering from any chronic pain - I am Feeling SO much better now.
Here are some of the pages I made at the retreat- I have loads to complete and enough inspiration to carry me on well into next year.

This was my first class, by Tricia Edie using Simple Stories "Summer days" papers
Unfortunately I had to wait for meds to arrive and was too late arriving to actually join in the class but Tricia's instructions were so clear that I was very soon able to complete the two pages and still have loads of the kit left to make another.

 The photo was taken in the Summer at Praa Sands in Cornwall - a place I would gladly retire to.

Lovely bright papers.
 Another really easy to put together page and just what I needed .

Megan a couple of years ago in Wales.

 This class is by Katherine Sutton, using Seven Dots"Hazy Days" papers.
I ADORE Katherine's work , so was thrilled to be able to join in with her class. Getting messing with Distress Oxides, stamps and spray.

 Photos taken last year at Framlingham castle.

 Just using white card and stamps. 

 We were given a whole sheet of stamps from this kit , I also used a few of my own ( I am after all a stamp addict!)

 I Love the colour of Megan's eyes in this photo.

 I loved just cutting up and layering the papers and spare bits of inked card for this and will be doing it again.

Photo taken last year at Sutton Hoo.
 Lastly for today, I took part in the Chinese whispers swap just before the retreat ( thankfully completed before the back went)
I used up some Authentic papers that I bought a few years ago.

 The photos are of the last day of the Summer term, I am usually too busy to attend but I have to say I am not going to miss another! What a great night, and what a hero Dex was driving me and two of my work mates up to Norwich and picking us up very tipsy at the end of the evening.

I still have loads to show you so will be back soon

Soojay xx


  1. Hi Soo!! Wonderful work as always.And dear me, I truly feel for you with that back as I have ongoing problems, now diagnosed as slipped vertebrae which have no disc left between so the bones rub together, NSAIDs (COX2 inhibitors) are a great help on a daily basis. But, just a few weeks ago the muscle spasms were so bad (they rush in to protect spine issues apparently) I had to resort to strong painkillers. The relief, very quickly, was amazing and I wish I hadn't battled on for so long previously with flare ups without shouting for help when the pain brought me to my knees. Agree with you about the total agony and am so glad yours seems to be resolved now.


    Di xx

  2. Glad you were able to get to the retreat - you have a wonderful collection of pages. Hope the cough and the back are much improved.
    Toni xx


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