A bit late starting.

To get ready for Christmas, I know but I just can't do it in the Summer - It doesn't feel right.
It's about the time I make my keyring calender gifts too. I am always on the look out for ways to do it more efficiently and the cutting out is tedious.
This year, instead of printing the calenders out, i bought those stitched ones and just cut the top off- it makes the finished one a bit bigger than normal but is SO much quicker.
I used my GORGEOUS Scan n Cut to cut out the card and the 2017, so all I have to do it glue and titivate.
I have enough to make 12 , which should be pleanty .

back soon.

Soojay xx


  1. How cool, Sue. I would love a Scan n Cut but don't really have the cash to spare as it's quite a commitment isn't it. The diaries are going to look fantastic. I really love my 2016 and would be thrilled if I could get one for next year if you have one to spare :). I have to agree that it doesn't feel right to get ready for Christmas in the summer. This year I bought a load of MDF shapes to make tree decorations thinking that as they arrived in June there would be no rush to get them done...I did them a couple of weeks ago lol.
    Bejay xx

  2. I love your keyring calendars. They always look so cute but useful.
    Toni xx

  3. keyring calendars, what a great idea :-)

  4. A great idea making those little calendars & you'll have them do in no time I would think .


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