Half term ...at last!

 I was almost on my knees , so am happy to be finally on my half term break. I started by getting up at 9.30! that's unheard of for me but I do feel better for it.
I am VERY excited to be going to the ATDML retreat again at the end of this week and will be creating with paper again....yayy. 
Here are some of the makes,commissions and experiments from the last couple of weeks.
most are available in my Etsy shop ( button to the left) - just let me know if you see something you like or would like anything. 
The Pearl necklace above was made after watching a very talented lady demo one similar.

 Rose Quartz drops.

 Aquamarine, charm and pearl,

 Macrame and seed beads.

 Peach pearl earrings

 pearl Bar Necklace

 Pearl swirly earrings

 Pearl and Ruby necklace ( Mine ..ha ha)
 Another pearl flower necklace

 Fire polished bead Earrings

 pearl and black spinel earrings

 more trees of life

 Multi gem hoop Earrings

 Morganite and Kynite stretchy Bracelet

Beryl and Jadeite stretchy bracelet.

Got to clear all my jewellery making away to find my paper craft supplies this week.

Take care 
back soon.

Soojay xxx


  1. Gorgeous jewellery...another one here pleased to see half term.

  2. Wow, you have been busy. Such beautiful pieces.
    You are not the only one who has had a 'lie-in' this weekend. After 2 weeks of mid-year performance reviews for my staff, I feel exhausted and managed to stay in bed until 8.30 (normal weekend time is about 7.00am).
    Enjoy your half-term break Sue...I'll be thinking of you as I battle with the 'joys' of British Rail LOL.
    Toni xx

  3. they are all lovely ... my fave is the macramé and seed bead :-)


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