And now for something completely different

 Last week at school, I noticed our counsellor was wearing some really pretty bracelets and I asked if I could have a quick look. I noticed the BB on the tag and looked it up on line. It's BOHOBETTY . I bought a double wrap bracelet for £20 - there is a sale on at the moment and you can get a single wrap from £7.50 at the moment. 
I found a video on you tube on how to make them and ordered supplies- I didn't order much and the beads I bought were crystal not glass and that makes the cost about £6 to make, but I have some left and lots of the leather cord.

 This one only took just over an hour to do and is my very first attempt. I have ordered some pearl beads and lots of the slightly cheaper glass beads to make some more- my daughter has already put in an order and I thought they would make nice gifts.

I will let you know how I get on. Hopefully some of the beads may arrive tomorrow.

Soojay xx


  1. How gorgeous! And how clever!You must be delighted with them Sue. Looking forward to seeing some more xx

  2. Clever you. The bracelet looks lovely.
    One made using pearls sounds like a fabulous idea.
    Toni xx


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