Making Jewelery

Just before Christmas, you may remember, I made lots of bath/beauty products to give as gifts.  They seem to have gone down really well and I will make lots more. Some of my work colleagues asked if I would make some to sell as stocking fillers. I did look into it but you do need to jump though a few hoops to do that legally, so while i can make some as gifts , i will not ( at the moment ) be making any to sell. Here is the fact sheet with all the info on .

I did want to make some stocking fillers and other items for craft fairs ( other than cards), so after a look around, I found this FAB site for embellishments and made some cheery cheap jewelry that I can also sell cheaply.
Nothing fancy, just cute rings and earrings that might appeal to teen girls.
Anyway here's what I have been doing this week.

 I made loads of cute earrings ( my niece and daughter already own a pair each)

 Even some valentine chocolate ones.

 I went mad making the rings.

 I used one of my FAB Christmas presents to Photograph the pieces up close .

I nearly fell over when I opened this up!!
I Love it.

 This one is for my sis .

 My personal Fav. Comes in four different colours.

 I love the White.

 Made for daughter number 1

All the rings are expandable and the earrings are for pierced ears.
Let me know what you think.
I will sell them for either £1 or £2 each with a handmade gift bag for 50p

Soojay xx


  1. Wow ! you have been busy! These all look fab and the photography is top notch xx

  2. Wow i would definitely buy some! Gorgeous x

  3. Wow absolutely gorgeous and love the photography kit!

  4. Gosh, haven't you been a busy bee. Lovely creations Sue.
    Toni xx


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