Homemade Beauty and Stuff for school

 Finally got the lip balm to the consistency that I wanted . I have made up 12 tins to add to Christmas Presants. Now waiting for more tins and Parma violet flavouring to arrive to make the next batch.

Bees Wax -2 oz
Avocado oil-2oz
Shea butter-2oz
Vitamin E oil- 20 drops
Coconut flavouring- 15 drops

Melt beeswax first in a double boiler,  ( or a glass jusg over a pan or water) .When melted add avocado oil and sitr until melted, lastly add shea butter over a lower heat  along with the vitamin E oil ( you could use a couple of capsules cut open) and the flavouring. You need to play with the amounts to get the consistency that you like, bees wax makes it hard so so may want less of that but if you are making tubes , you may need it harder. You could also scrape in a little pink mica powder if you want colour a blusher is great for this. Leave to set - I put mine in the fridge over night. DO not touch or you will leave a nice finger print in it.


I was asked to make a book for a child who has lost their parents at school because they wanted to "do" something around Christmas time in thier memory. I made a maze book and as it was SO easy, I made four more - Just incase.
Instructions here  They take about 5 mins to make (undecorated)

Soojay xx


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